Kari Lake: "Everyone Knows That Katie Hobbs Didn't Win and That She's a Fraud Sitting in the Governor's Office"

Where is conservative media? Another election was stolen. One can argue there's even more evidence of voter fraud in Arizona in 2022 than there was in 2020. It's time to speak up and apply pressure.


Kari Lake's battle to correct the stolen elections in Arizona during the 2022 midterms continues through the court system. That's not the most encouraging news as we've seen time and again how feckless and oftentimes corrupt the judiciary in America can be. Even in the face of massive evidence in both 2020 nationwide and now in Arizona for the last election, the judiciary has failed to let the evidence determine the outcomes of cases.

She joined me yesterday for a brief interview, but even in brevity she was able to drop some bombs.

"It is so massive that they had to cheat in such a big, crazy way that it was just plain obvious," she said. "Everyone knows they cheated. Everyone knows that Katie Hobbs didn't win and that she's a fraud sitting in the governor's office. And that the cartels have basically taken over our state government. And so now we're in the unfortunate position of having to win again and this time in a court of law."

Her case keeps getting better as more evidence emerges. Yet most in conservative media seem to have moved on, as noted by Victoria Marshall at The Federalist:

While the GOP and conservative media have largely moved on from Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and the systemic failures that occurred in Maricopa County on Nov. 8, court testimony and eyewitness reports from the Lake trial include allegations that Arizona’s largest county violated state law by failing to implement chain-of-custody documentation for Election Day ballots, resulting in a mysterious 25,000 extra votes added to Maricopa County’s official tally within a 24-hour period — more than the margin of victory between Lake and gubernatorial victor Katie Hobbs.

It was about 10:00 on election night when Maricopa County’s ballot tabulation vendor, Runbeck Election Services, received its first truckload of Election Day drop box ballots. While Runbeck received seven truckloads total (the last was completed about 5 a.m. the following morning), Runbeck staff thought it odd the deliveries did not come earlier throughout the day. But that wasn’t the only glitch. There were no chain-of-custody forms delivered with the ballots, a stark departure from typical procedure.

According to Runbeck employee Denise Marie, prior to Nov. 8, drop box ballots were “delivered in red bins with a chain of custody form” from the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Center (MCTEC), which listed how many ballots were delivered.

But on election night, “instead of receiving the ballots in red bins, the ballots from the drop boxes had been placed in mail trays and loaded onto mail cages. MCTEC did not include the Maricopa County Delivery Receipt forms with any of the Election Day drop box ballot deliveries. There were no chain of custody forms with the ballots and no count of the number of ballots that were delivered,” Marie wrote in a sworn affidavit.

Maricopa County Co-Director of Elections Reynaldo Valenzuela even testified that while the county’s election workers count drop box ballots and record the counts on documents as required by law prior to Election Day, they did not count the ballots retrieved from drop boxes on Election Day itself. During the Lake trial, Valenzuela was asked whether Maricopa County election officials know the precise number of drop box ballots on Election Day, and he told the court, “On Election Day, no, because we’re not doing drop box courier process at that time. It’s a different process for Election Day.”

According to Lake attorney Kurt Olsen, this is in direct violation of Arizona state statute, which requires the county recorder to maintain records that log the chain of custody for ballots “during early voting through the completion of provisional voting tabulation.”

Lake remains hopeful.

"We have presented our case," she said. "I'm sure you probably saw part of it in the Maricopa County courts. And I thought my attorneys did a great job even though they were only given limited amount that they could pursue in two counts. They did an exceptional job. We put forth exceptional evidence, and unfortunately the judge didn't rule in the way we wanted him to."

It seems likely this case will at least reach up to the Arizona Supreme Court despite their unwillingness to expedite the case and take it out of appellate court. Nevertheless, Lake's team continues fighting.

"So we're moving it into the appellate court where it already is right now and we will move it to the Arizona Supreme Court and beyond if we need to," she said. "I will not stop fighting this because I know what happened was wrong, and if I stop fighting it, then the people of Arizona really have lost their voice."

In this interview, Kari Lake detailed how patriots can help. We need as many as possible to put pressure on corporate media to cover this. Those who have the means can also contribute to her legal fund.

Kari Lake's case in Arizona has massive ramifications for our nation going forward. We either make our stand now or acknowledge that elections may never be free and fair again in America.