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The Arizona Midterm Election May Have Been More Blatantly Stolen Than the 2020 Election

They call us "election deniers" because we follow the evidence and have questions about the legitimacy of the results. If that's the criteria, I'll wear the label proudly.

It seems like the vast majority in conservative and alternative media have completely moved on from the 2022 election. Voter fraud was rampant, particularly in Arizona, but the topic was dropped faster than it was dropped in 2020. Is everyone buying the notion that Roe v. Wade was the reason the “red tsunami” didn’t materialize?

An article over at UncoverDC by Tracy Beanz was so insightful, I did a whole 20-minute episode about it. Anyone who believes there was massive, widespread voter fraud in Arizona should check it out. Anyone who doesn’t believe it MUST check it out. Here’s an excerpt:

A lot has been said about election integrity in the past few years. It’s been a divisive topic because the people who challenge election results are often the losers. The winner’s “side” can’t reconcile the fact that maybe, just maybe, their candidate didn’t win, so they embark on a quest of sheer cognitive dissonance, not caring that they, too, are disenfranchised by an election devoid of any shred of integrity.

They scream, “Grifter! No evidence!” They mock those who attempt to ensure one of our most sacred rights is protected for all people. The movement to “fix” our election issues knows that when fixed, everyone’s vote will count. I am consistently stunned at the vitriol with which the “other side” attacks those who seem to care more about their attacker’s vote being counted than the person doing the attacking does.

The 2020 election aside, I don’t think another election in modern history has been so transparently broken/stolen/mismanaged to the point of utter chaos than the Arizona midterm election in 2022. It was so clearly a mess that to deny such, in order to proclaim “there is no evidence, and a judge said so too!” you must literally twist yourself into a pretzel and bury your head in the sand. I will review just a few of the most egregious issues with the hopes that this may serve as a resource for those who still give a damn about living in a free country. This isn’t detailed or even fulsome; however, our more detailed reporting is linked throughout.

Read the rest of Tracy Beanz’ story at UncoverDC.

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