Three-Minute Video Depicts Clear Evidence Joe Biden Was Involved in Hunter's Shady Business Deals

"The Big Guy" wasn't just a beneficiary of his son's and brother's corrupt business dealings over the years. He's always been directly involved, albeit shielded from the outside. But we know.

From the beginning of his political career and as recently as last week, Joe Biden has said he does not play any role whatsoever in the various shady business deals his son Hunter and his brother James are constantly involved in. But information has trickled out in recent years that declare otherwise.

What did "The Big Guy" know? Everything. When did he know it? All along.

Corruption in Washington DC is nothing new. Pretty much every single politician who spends enough time in DC gets corrupted. It's why we are so bullish on outsiders. But even they have a shelf-life; the DC power brokers will find ways to corrupt and control politicians or they will get rid of them. Ask Madison Cawthorn about that.

The Biden Crime Family has taken corruption to a level likely never seen before. Only the Clinton and Bush families might even be close, but I suspect The Big Guy has them all beaten.

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