• Queen Maxima of The Netherlands is member of the WEF ‘steering comité’ of the Digital Currency Governance Consortium and Biden is one of the executers.

• Jim Rickards, a former advisor to the Pentagon, the White House, Congress, the CIA, and the Department of Defense. – Biden Orders US Dollar Replaced with Trackable “Spyware” Version.

o Executive Order 14067, titled Section 4

o The most treacherous act by a sitting President in the history of our republic

o Legal government surveillance of all US citizens

o Total control over your bank accounts and purchases

o The ability to silence all dissenting voices for good

o The US dollar will be made obsolete

o Soon, your cash will be confiscated – or will simply be worthless paper

o The cash currency will be replaced with a new, programmable digital tokens

o Every “digital dollar” will be programmed by the government

o That means they will be able to “turn on or off” your money at will

o They’ll be able to track and record every purchase you make

o It will be able to punish any contribution, purchase, or even social media comment

o China and Russia have already launched pilot programs for their own digital currencies

o More than half the countries in the world and almost 90% of central banks are testing or exploring a digital currency right now

o In the US, under Project Lithium and Project Hamilton, the new “spyware” currency has been quietly tested for several years

o These new electronic currencies are called CBDCs – or “central bank digital currencies”

• Mac Slavo, Truth comes to light, Sep. 24, 2022 – Government Pushes a “Digital Dollar” So It Can Seize Assets at Will & Enslave Humanity. https: //truthcomestolight. com/ government-pushs-a-digital-dollar-so-it-can-seize-assets-at-will-enslave-humanity/

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This may be the final fight. We must win it.

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It seems this is happening all over the world. I am particularly watching what's happening in Japan where I come from. It is much worse than the US. There is a minority of people who fear what the government is doing and struggling to make everyone aware of what is happening.

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I'm a Lawyer, how to beat self check out errors.


At many of us need physical help. I'm 74, there is no way I can shop, self check out, bag food, and get it to the car. Many times there are No handicapped parking slots, the new grocery 'we shop for you' pick up slots have taken over them.

We’re in a Self-Checkout Stalemate



Nor am I going to risk my 2nd Amendment right with a criminal charge, because a machine malfunctioned. In many states it triggers Red Flag Laws.

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