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Building 7: The 9/11 Conspiracy Evidence Even Normies Can't Deny

I've never been a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. It's not because I believed the official narrative, but I always thought the rabbit hole was too deep. That may be, but we should explore it nonetheless.

There are so many conspiracy theories out there regarding the terrorists attacks of September 11, 2001. Some of them make sense. Others have been disseminated to discredit ALL 9/11 theories; the CIA is highly adept at burying the truth by mixing in a bunch of lies. But whether one is a total skeptic, a full-blown 9/11-Was-An-Inside-Jobber, or anywhere in between, the Building 7 irregularities are often the wakeup call that makes everyone wonder what the government is hiding.

It's clear that Building 7 did not fall because of debris fire. Greg Reese's video above demonstrates that in five minutes. But is it enough to make people question the entire narrative? They should. It's been a best practice for a long time in the United States of America to question everything.

Why 9/11 Truth Is Still Important

As noted, the CIA is very good at distorting truths. But they also know they can't keep every secret hidden forever, which is why they allow the release of new evidence periodically. It's better to let the air out of the balloon slowly rather than just popping it. The more air they let out, the less noise the balloon will make when it finally pops.

There has been a ton of evidence about 9/11 dropped over the years, evidence that would have blown up the entire narrative if it came out all at once in the four or five years following the terrorist attack. But being 22-years removed from the event, many if not most of the conspiracy theorists have moved on.

I was not someone who dove too deeply into the events. As I recall I watched a documentary or two about it sometime last decade but I abandoned it know that nothing would be done about it, at least not in the short term. My interest has been renewed over the last year as we see the aftermath and connect the dots. A lot of what we're seeing today with rising globalist tyranny is a direct or indirect result of 9/11 and everything that happened after it.

For example, many of the Covid lockdowns and mandates launched by oppressive state leaders and DC bureaucrats were only possible because of laws passed as a result of 9/11. If it weren't for the changes made during the "War on Terror," many states would have had to pass legislation to enact their lockdowns. And while some would say a lockdown is a lockdown, I would argue that being able to hold state legislators accountable would have allowed the people to better protest them. Some of the lockdowns and mandates would have started slower and ended faster if it weren't for post-9/11 changes.

This is just one of the reasons I believe the terrorist attack was part of a much larger plot that began before the turn of the millennium and continues into today. It wasn't just about radical Islamic terrorists killing thousands of Americans. It was about building on the foundation of the New World Order. As we see totalitarianism rising worldwide, the implications are clear.

This, perhaps more than anything else, is why I want people to be "red pilled" into looking at 9/11 more closely. It marked the beginning of the current phase of globalism that is engulfing us all.

Waking Up Normies

Whenever I call on people to share the truth with as many "normies" as possible, there are a lot who say or at least think that it's the responsibility of these normies to do their own research. More importantly, they say that the sheep being led to slaughter are doing it to themselves and do not deserve our intervention.

I am a firm believer that regardless of what's coming in the near future, we NEED people to be awake and alert. It's important that as few Americans as possible are beholden to government because when the crap hits the fan, only the unbeholden will be in a position to be our allies. It doesn't matter how patriotic or freedom-loving someone is. If they didn't prepare, if they continued to trust the powers-that-be all the way up to the point of the crap hitting the fan, then they'll be stuck under the thumb of the globalists.

Those people, patriotic as they may be, will not be our allies.

To make people question the UniParty Swamp, the Deep State, and the Globalist Elite Cabal is to give them the reasons they need to break free. 9/11 in general and Building 7 in particular are important possible pathways through which normies can be made to start asking questions about the whole agenda. What they're doing to us today ties back to what they did to us on 9/11. What they did to us on 9/11 ties back to what they were setting up for the previous century. What they were setting up the previous century ties all the way back to what the serpent launched when he tempted Eve.

There are no coincidences.

If Reese's video above is too "fringe" for some of your friends and family (or perhaps it's too fringe for you), then here's a video of a lucid eyewitness who was IN Building 7 at the time.

As a Bible-believing Christian, I know that true freedom only comes with complete submission to God's Will by accepting Grace through belief in Jesus Christ. With our undeserved salvation secured, the machinations of the adversaries are understood as temporal. But just because we submit to God does not mean we should willingly submit to the Powers and Principalities. We must fight the good fight for as long as we're here on earth, and that means expanding our ability to act. That's why we must prepare.

I know 9/11 conspiracies aren't for everyone. Some think they're just too old. Others think they're just too crazy. I believe most who have been concerned over the years have simply moved on because it seems clear there will be no accountability delivered nor changes made. But if we ignore how we got here, I believe we are ill prepared to deal with what's happening, and more importantly what's to come.

The adversary has spent a very long time setting up the evil plans that are now engulfing the nation and the planet. It behooves us to do what we can while the windows of opportunity are still open. It starts with knowing and sharing the truth.

My most important ongoing project is Discern Report, a conservative news aggregator that focuses on politics, culture, and faith. Please check it out often.

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