Hogwash. All of this is a bunch of lies,deceptions, and Media coverups! Our Communist Govt. is helping our enemies take over. Please dear God help us!

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Total Cover up - LOOK HERE NOT THERE type of game played continuously! I agree with you completely! Nice job!

If interested in interviewing Liz Harris in Arizona about the HIT from both Dems and Republicans done to her in the State Legislature...let me know. I'm helping her schedule interviews to get the TRUTH OUT about what's going on in AZ and the Katie Hobbs Regime! Text 940 366 6290 or email me at lrm913040@gmail.com . Text fastest contact . Lol! The pure corruption in AZ and how the Hobbs Regime is using BOTH the Dems AND ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS to do her dirty work is bringing more to light. Liz has been expelled from the Legislature on Lies and a Hit job ! While the Tennessee Legislature REINSTATED Reps AFTER AN INSURRECTION AT THEIR CAPITAL! 2 TIER SYSTEM IS EVIDENT & Establishment Republicans SHOW THEIR CORRUPT ALLEGIANCE IN AZ and PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW TRUTH ABOUT WHATS GOING ON INSIDE AZ LEGISLATURE, at helm is illegitimate Gov Hobbs! Let me know if I can help set up interview with Liz for you. BE BLESSED and keep up great work! Enjoying reading your articles here!💜🙏

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Thank you. We wondered what happened after her first and shocking report. Her disappearance seemed too quick to have been anything other than a coordinated take-out. Hobbs now has used Governor veto power a record number of times to remove some honestly good legislation. Imv, this alone suggests a bigger player pulling strings behind the curtain. I would like to help Liz Harris but really do not know how. I'll text u.

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Sounds great! When you text let me know it's you from here so I know! I'm trying to coordinate to help Liz however I can. I need to get her on shows n interviews so she can tell everyone TRUTH about it all herself. I'm working on writing something here on Substack from her. I haven't posted much here on my substack but I'm going to be starting with Liz's story soon and continue to FOCUS ON SUBSTACK more vs Boobtube! Lmao 🤣 BTW Liz is grateful for EVERYONE right now and appreciates the help! BE BLESSED!

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Ok, thank you.

I will text you tomorrow.

We listen a lot to Garrett here. Maybe we can convince him to interview her. We will try.

Thank you again.

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Apr 15, 2023·edited Apr 16, 2023







FIRES AT CHEMICAL PLANTS IN SOUTHERN IN (They are attacking the Ohio River Basin Area...WHY?), Dementia-Ridden/Treasonous Pedophile in the Oval Office being run by Hybrid Nazi Obama and all his evil kiddies.

Abortion Pill,,

CCP Balloons which are probably released by American Military/Intel at Sea,

Ai/Bio Warfare,

Chimeric Substances,



I.D. Passports,

W.H.O. Amendments,

Children Groomed by Perverted Teachers,







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💥BOOM💥 100% 🔥👏😎💜

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Why am I not surprised it’s the UN and Clinton Foundation involved? Two of the biggest grifters ever. Trying to destroy us with overwhelming immigration and throwing taxpayers money to entice😡😡😡

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The UN and the Clintons working in Panama to encourage massive illegal immigration to the USA suggest that Hillary and Slick Willie have absolute confidence that they will never be charged with any disrespect to USA sovereignty or law. That is because although they, especially Hillary, throughout their history have been allowed their very own sovereignty against US law. In fact, that is why citizens of Arkansas came to give Bill the title of "Slick Willie" cuz nothing could stick to him. Mayorkus should have been impeached yesterday, same with Garland. IF the GOP does not get off its duff now, and IF the GOP does not take the WH and Senate and increase their dominance in the House in 2024, decent people will need to consider relocating to a first world nation in order to live free and avoid leftist crime.

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What country is first world anymore? Their filthy tentacles are everywhere. Take a stand here...

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the banking class is now international, living outside the laws of all nations. The UN is their global protector. Why fund a 1st world country when you can exploit people everywhere and live in beyond-first world luxury?? Technocracy allows them to do that.

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Jeff Prather seems to think the election machine is fully in place- we lost our ability to enforce fair elections with the inaction of 2020, which is why J6 was so significant: a nail in the coffin moment for free elections. Messaging- oppose us and we will throw you in jail regardless of any of your laws. They continue to hold these people against OUR laws, i.e., we have allowed them to have autonomy.

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and fox even threw that machine another 3/4 B dollars to solidify their control. This was in PLAIN sight to further message that our courts cannot protect us from their alteration of ballots. And Fox's crappy lawyer gave it to them. Fox now is at the msm altar and Schumer's bidding. F-ox off.

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wow... the statement by DHS/ICE is almost an advertisement for their benefactors (the ESG corporations): "illicit movement of people and goods ... leads to death and exploitation of vulnerable people for significant profit". The new sustainability: Plunder People 4 Profit.

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Lied and Lies until real pressure is applied! Can't stop the money laundering and their gift of tax payer dollars that easily. When it does happen it will only be when a Dem is in the WH again; never fully dismantled. Tens of Thousands on the new system.... entire article is BS anti-American shite!

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Now that is funny. Said the spider to the fly. Here kitty kitty kitty. Time to T UP!

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So true, but there are a few. Switzerland - in fact, one wonders about Tina Turner switching citizenship there. Maybe she is sharper than i previously thought of being a simple singer. Singapore is strict but a respectable nation. My husband had interns working for him that had lived there. Singapore high schools are at a level of many of our colleges; absolutely no wokeness, at least back then. Japan is another but their immigration law is quite strict. South Korea is good but NK eyeballs it too much. We have thought a bit about returning to the nation of my first 22 years (have duel citizenship) but the corruption there is far too frightening. I saw it even back when i was a kid - police officers stealing from people. In fact, it's a bit funny - i have cousins in the TJ police department. Back several years, the mayor there ordered all police officers to turn in their fire arms out of concern for corruption among the officers. The mayor ordered the TJ police officers to use instead "sling-shots". It is true.

Nevertheless, you are correct 100%, it is difficult to find a decent place to live out our lives. But, I will fight to the end for America. She is (was) the best country on the face of the planet. I feel like that actor who said something like, "come take my gun out of my cold dead hands." We have uncles who died fighting for America and I will too.

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Soros' funded immigration tactics aside, the 'illegal-entry' issue still seems to derail any legitimate explorations of solutions for "chattel slavery"; even as many of the young Latino male illegals will provide a cheap labor force for the landscaping/construction industries in the US. 'Ending debt-servitude' is the critical issue that is avoided by the Harvard/Yale economics hierarchy. Rockefeller funded the university paradigm and subsequent thought programming. "God Save the Queen...we mean it, man"--Johnny Rotten

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