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There have been many studies like this but this is the first in a tier one journal. I wonder why a pro-vaxx journal like this has turned, at least on NI. Possible ethics and guilty consciences on the editorial board? Seeing the wave coming and trying to get out in front? Time will tell.

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Of course it does. All the dissident docs said the same thing, except Malone who I consider "controlled opposition." He wanted only the "most vulnerable" jabbed...Why? Because the elderly die quicker when jabbed with this noxious serum. Helps to get rid of those on SS and Medicare/Medicaid, doesn't it! Yes, and Malone's wife thinks the greatest men in the world are Justin Turdeau and Bill Gates. Anyway, Dr. Peter Mccullough, Drs Pierre Kory and Paul Marik, Dr. Ryan Cole, and many others all said, YOU NEVER VAX DURING A PANDEMIC because it causes exactly what we've seen, variants that are not even close to the original, unlike normal variants which are far less potent to humanity.

And does this so-called Wuhan escaped bioweapon virus even exist? No one has ever isolated the thing, so how can they even tell if you have Delta, Omicron, or whatever? I am not buying anything from media or from the various govt. agencies, especially CDC, NIH, FDA, DHS, etc. etc. ad nauseam.

Only when the people wake up and say NO will this bull dung stop being thrust down the throats of the dumbed down Americans who are still masking and vaxxing...Idiots!

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I always wonder why they don't worry about their own health? Though there's no injection mandate to work at the CDC as Rochelle Walensky admitted in live testimony before Congress, still, she has three children and must have good friends and family members that she would be concerned about? But it goes way beyond her as we know. So many medical professionals know what's going on but also know that if they speak up they risk losing their job. I just had a long conversation with patient relations at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates in Boston about this. They basically admitted that they have to go along with whatever the CDC decides.

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Is there a link to the actual report? I need to show this to my sons college....they want to force this unnecessary vax

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Is this actually a news event? That natural immunity is superior -- and that it's actually a thing? That injecting lipid nanoparticles and other trash makes no sense?? "Medicine" and "science" have disgraced themselves to a point of non-recovery, IMO.

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Good overview JD Thank You

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We must support Senator Rand Paul in his quest to bring justice to Tony Fauci, md. His work in funding (with US taxpayer monies) a PRC lab with (USA) illegal research should be cause for some jail time. This is not to mention his funding of the use experimental aid medicines onthose 85 +/- little black children orphans in NY in 2005 should be brought to light. He is a monster hiding as a public servant/spokesperson. Plus, his approval of funding for the 30+ illegal biowar labs in Ukraine is more than sufficient for a strong legal charge.

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So I'm listening to a group of intelligence agents talk about we are in a CCP bio war on the Bannon war room. but what I don't get is-that if this is a CCP lead war why did the US block access to hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin for viral illnesses? US government Denyed these safe drugs is inconsistent with a CCP only war on the US population.

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I DO NOT contend that the Vax's are Safe and Effective !

e.g., https://timellison.substack.com/p/follow-up-on-the-the-follow-the-science-67d

HOWEVER, this article is very misleading:

Firstly, you are comparing:




Secondly, the Expose article is also VERY misleading. While it is true that the most-vax'd are the most-hospitalized-and-dead, most people who die are very old, and the very old are vax'd at the 99% percent level in CA, where as the younger folks at less than the 85% level. We shall consequently see the Vax'd dying at higher rates than the Un-Vax'd for any reason, all the time !

I am NOT saying the Vax's are Safe and Effective, and even if effective to some extent against CoVid, that does not mean they they don't increase your chance of dying. HOWEVER, articles such as this and the Expose article leave the camp fighting against the Vax open to a world of criticism.

Be careful of jumping to conclusions.

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The article reads like "more vaxx=more infected" is a bug. It's not. It's a feature.

We are now under constant threat of the return of the bogus mitigations efforts that ruined our economy and harmed so many people. The state's response to rising infection rates? "Get vaxxed." But if getting vaxxed results in more infections, this plays right into the state's hands. Vaxx and boost enough people and you could drive up the infection rate to a point where the state will respond as if the pandemic is still in the pre-vaccine stage.

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Yet Trudeau keeps insisting on the jab.

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Is EVERYBODY here unable to think for themselves?

1) Nobody, including the article writer, asked what percentage of the population is vaccinated. 85% of the Canadian population is vaccinated. So 15% is not. 30% of the deaths are from unvaccinated people. So guess what - you’re twice as likely to die if you’re not vaxxed.

2) “natural immunity” means having had Covid. OF COURSE the antibodies from having had real Covid are better at protecting the body from the vaccines. But guess what, that’s if you don’t die from Covid first if not vaxxed.

Any other questions?

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No matter what their angle in finally acknowledging some truth, there is no excuse for the denials, the demonization of ethical scientists and physicians who have been telling the truth, and the outright lies and subterfuge involved in serving their Pharma beast god.

Yes, it's good that admissions are finally being made by the bastards. But I can't even verbalize the simmering rage I feel over all of this.

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Before I had even heard about vaccine injury, New York Times ( https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2020/health/pfizer-biontech-covid-19-vaccine.html ), had this article, and a few others promoting the vaccine. Essentially the mRNA contains an "instruction script" that gives a command to our cells to create and express a spike protein.

I had seen Gates promoting universal vaccines for years before covid, and Microsoft has forced upgrades on our pc - even against our wishes, as they reconfigure the pc as they see fit.

NYT promoted this a great achievement, but I seen it as very very dangerous to let give someone else the keys to our bodies.

That was my first flag, and with some investigating, I stumbled across Dr. Carrie Madej, and from there so much more. All of the warnings she had discussed are truly coming to light now.

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You are such liars! These shots do nothing but cause more illness and death. I know first hand from many people. You try to debunk TRUTH and call it lies!

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No... Not to get ahead of the virus... not to assuage a guilty conscience (they have no such guilty conscience). Why then? The only viable reason I've heard so far, from JD Rucker himself i believe, is to set the stage for blaming President Trump. Our President did the right thing based on the info he and all others had, and pushed thru development of vaccines like no one could thought possible -- but now it might be claimed that Trump was reckless in doing so, because the rush meant entirely insufficient testing etc. and now it's caused a serious problem of people dying prematurely.

Of course, as always, such blame would be an utter lie, but many of the same people who screamed the most at those not complying with mask "mandates", etc, would likely get on that band wagon, too.

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