When people begin to realize (and deal with the REALITY) that their own government is under occupation and has been captured by a coup, then we can get to “business”.

Just wake up, especially if you have children and/or grandchildren.

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Jun 1, 2023·edited Jun 1, 2023

Coup happened in 1963 in Texas with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. All has been a charade since that then which only slowly manifested more and more since 1973 and the Trilateral Commission.

Rothschilds, Chatham House, Mi5/Mi6, Central Banker Family Cartel, The Council for Foreign Relations connected to Chatham House and the CIA...THE INTERNATIONAL MAFIA DEATH CULT has been and is in control. IT'S UP TO THE PEOPLE TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK from the Techno-Imperialist Fascists favoring U.K. THE BENEDICT ARNOLDS ARE IN CONTROL AND THEY MUST BE BEATEN YET AGAIN.

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Aren’t we still a part of Britain? 😉

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It's complete💩💩.



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Why does that country even STILL have a monarchy???? It’s hilarious. Here’s your crown King A**wipe!

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KING? Rothschild's and the Banker Mafia Death Cult OWN THE WHOLE SHEBANG...

'The City of London' and Basel, Switzerland...The WW2

Opium Highway for all kinds of contraband...THEY CLAIMED WAS NEUTRAL;

but was the most CORRUPTED PLACE OF ALL.

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"King A**wipe!" 😂🤣😂🤣

Oh, how true! How true!

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I know. And the takeover was WAY before 1963, my birth year.

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Actually, that was the time when the lies/propaganda/narratives took over

which is always a measure of a healthy Govt.

Though there were definite and progressive changes like the installation of 'The Fed'

and legalization of Income Tax, the CIA and Corporate/Govt. CORRUPTION


people began to become suspicious. Rothschilds and the Brits were the ones

ALWAYS attacking the U.S. and behind all the assassinations of EVERY PRESIDENT

including the attempted assassination of Reagan...

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And I think Hinkley was a senator’s son (not to sound like Creedence Clearwater-lol) or something to that affect.

The banker families…yes!

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Yes, Hinkley's were connected to powerful people in The Deep State or Legislature...You're correct I recall.

Here is an Article coming from The Last American Vagabond about the Bankers...Pretty intertesting.


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Thank you! I’ll read it tomorrow with my coffee!

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Your absolutely correct! And who are at the root of all the groups you named? Here is the answer! The IMF/Federal Reserve, controlled by Satanist Greedy banker who are hell bent on bringing about their plans outlined in agenda 2020 & 2030! All one has to do is examine the last names of those speaking the loudest in any of these groups (Does Jew ring a bell, it should!).

The “Jews (aka Kazarian Mafia) have been our slave masters since the beginning of time when they were cast down to earth. You don’t have to be a “Holy Roller” to understand the road map to our own self destruction outlined in the Holy Bible.

When our journalists like JD Rucker going to expose these Satanists for what the are, our captors. Of heavenly origins we are out ranked in their ability to deceive, lie, steal, plunder, and kill without a shred of remorse!

Perhaps JD Rucker is one of their minions, which would explain why he keeps missing the target, or perhaps he is just unaware of the forces bringing about our ultimate enslavement. If the latter is true I suggest he crack some history books and discover who/what entity is at the root of all the problems that we face here on earth. I suggest you start here, as the revelations will shock you into reality, giving you the tools to fight back against our occupiers, and bring the truth to the rest of the world.



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"It's all theater. We can only rely on ourselves and our God."


Spot on. Our Constitutional Republic is coming to resemble Stalin's Russia. Gulags, show trials, and all. Orwell warned us.

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Shameful! Won't be long now until CBDC comes on board. I'm convinced that we have many traitors among us. Idol worshippers of greed run rampant throughout Congress!

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The Fiscal Irresponsibility Act is another step down the slippery slope of America's bankruptcy. Who benefits from the further indebtedness of the country? The BIS, the Fed, the large campaign contributors, the Swamp, the WEF, Russia, China, the greedy global corporations. Who are the losers? The whole USA, especially the middle class taxpayers who will end up paying $4 TRILLION+ in the form of devalued dollars, increased inflation and higher taxes. This should be a painful reminder to pick your election choices very carefully.

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Well said

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McCarthy is toast. Scumbag liar

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They'll build a GOLDEN PHALLUS and worship him for years to come, all Satanic Deeds are well paid in DC

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Just stop with the McCarthy caved BS. That assumes he has good intentions and is honorable. He's a Uniparty snake, just like Mr. Libertarian Massie. What a scam that guy is.

When will people wake up that the Republican party is the biggest PsyOp out of them all? Long as that magical "R" is there people will eagerly eat up their BS, and they know it. Dumb F's.

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" People all around us dying but we aren’t allowed to speak the truth of why... There has to be a way to get on top of these evil demons set on destroying us."

When you are attacked by someone trying to kill you, the Law allows you to use lethal force to defend yourself. This is how men have always protected their families and their communities. But when a group of evil, demonic men execute a pogrom, a non-kinetic warfare, to destroy a society from within with the explicit purpose of killing as many people as possible through every conceivable means and impoverishing and subjugating the rest, we find ourselves defenseless to stop this or even to defend our neighbor because there is no specific identified individual who is kinetically attacking you. In spite of the mass violence being perpetrated against the community, we cannot respond with violence without being arrested as a lawbreaker. As in the Bolshevik revolution or the Nazi takeover in mid-20th century, whole societies simply submit to the murderous regime because the violent attack is unrecognized for what it is. There is no recognizable means of defense nor a recognized legitimate means to classify their pogrom as a direct attack.

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You are 100% correct, but you failed to recognize who the enemy is! You eluded to it by mentioning Nazi, an ideology spawn by the very Satanists who are attempting to enslave us!

You must understand how convoluted “Nazism” is which brought upon their to own race/religion death and destruction.

Once you understand that there are two factions in this group, one being the sons and daughters of Abraham (good) and the sons and daughters of Satan (evil)! It will go a long way in helping you understand why we’re are where we are today! No one dares to speak of this for fear of being labeled, that in itself is a defense mechanism created by the very ones who are trying to enslave us! I urge you to go through the the facts provided in the link below, and use the Bible as the foundation on which to stand, as it laid out exactly what we are dealing with today. Unless you are able to identify your enemy, how can you possibly expect to defeat them!

Veterans today - the history of the Kazarian Mafia (Google search it)

You tube: Chuck Swindoll - lucepharian bloodlines

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Thank you...Agreed. What you said is why I feel frustrated by today's "church". They are disconnected, as a church, from society. They do not fulfill their calling of speaking prophetically to society based on God's timeless law as Jesus and the prophets did. They have bought into the excuse of "separation of church and state" for generations and that is a lie. And they cower in fear of being called out for being divisive. Well yeah, we are suppose to be divisive and thus be "salt" to the culture. So here we are.

The point of my comment was one of practicality. Subject to revision, it is my belief that we only have a little time left to begin a movement back to righteousness and away from Marxism. It feels like 2024 may be critical to that. If that doesn't happen then there is every reason to believe that the Marxists will finish consolidating their control of America and the battle, for now, will be lost. In that case, the only defense I know of is to go "Amish" and retreat to the rural hills.

I now throw it open for discussion.

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Did you look into the two links I provided??? Therein lies the means to defeat their domination over us. Exposure of these historical facts coupled with our non-compliance will seriously erode their power. But it does not end there, these are Satanic beings and their minions who souls Satan controls, they must all be destroyed, either by Gods hand or by his intervention through man, but either way be destroyed non the less.

I ask if you believe what I have exposed to you, particularly after consulting the Bible, that you expose this to as many people who will listen, exposure to the world is the only way we can turn the tide on these demons and their minions.

With regard to the church, as a born Catholic and educated through my elementary school years in Catholic school I’ve witnessed the change in the Church, particularly the Catholic Church. Back in revolutionary times preachers would be giving sermon, when a group of revolutionaries would inform the preacher of British troops in advance to their village. Then men in the congregation would exit the service as well as the preacher who would remove his robe, grab a riffle and join the other men in battle, leaving only the woman and small children behind. Some credit is due to Lyndon B. Johnson who introduced the 501C3 tax exempt status for churches. He stated once legislation passed that the government now has control of what the churches can say or do under threat of loss of their loss of their 501C3 status in they go against the government agenda. He further stated that if and when the time came the government would recruit the assistance of the church leadership to keep their congregations from rising up against the government, or to use the churches to aid government in implementing it policy. One only has to look so far as what the church did by encouraging its congestion members to take the vaccine, some even held events at the church’s (vaccine fair) inviting members of the congregation to come in and get vaccinated. In my estimation this is proof positive that Satan minions have infiltrated the church. I believe you have one of two choices, 1) present the information I presented you along with additional research evidence in support of what I exposed, with this in hand present it to your church leadership, if they agree with the discoveries you presented, the church will be faced with two options, either join the battle of exposure and potentially risk the loss of their 50-C3 status, or remain silent allowing Satan to further corrupt the church. Or 2) find another church which does not fear loosing their 501C3 status, and prefer to speak truth to its congregation. Understand the separation is not a situation that cannot be rectified, with some persuasion coupled with facts a small group within a congregation can turn the tide. These are the things that must be done in order to stop what do clearly is headed our way if we do not act soon. There is no need for anger or violence, as that solves nothing, but healthy dialog with facts in hand can move mountains. As it’s been said before “With God on my side, who can prevail against me” (paraphrased). So put on the armor of God and move forward with faith and conviction. God Bless Brother!!

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So what's new? Paychecks on both sides of the imaginary aisle are dependent upon the government's perpetuation regardless how wicked it becomes

Government devoid of an unchanging ethical standard (found only in the Bible's immutable moral laws) is always marked with compromise and moral capitulation.

Case in point: the biblically egregious Constitutional Republic born of the biblically seditious Constitution.

For more on how the Bible's triune and integral moral law (the Ten Commandments and their respective statutes and judgments apply and should be implemented as the law of the land, see free online book "Law & Kingdom: Their Relevance Under the New Covenant" at https://www.bibleversusconstitution.ORG/law-kingdomFrame.html

Then "A Biblical Constitution: A Scriptural Replacement for Secular Government" at https://www.bibleversusconstitutionORG/biblicalConstitution.html

Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the sidebar and receive a free copy of a book that *examines* the Constitution by the Bible.

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Your opening comment say’s it all.

It’s all theater. We can only rely on ourselves and our God.

I would encourage everyone to read the Bible and pray for wisdom as we go through the valley of death. Trust in Jesus alone, as He is the only one that can save us.

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What Debt Ceiling Crisis? Biden Regime to Send Another $300M Package for Ukraine


Chicago City Council Approves $51 Million in Aid for Illegals, MUCH WILL BE FED $$


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The answer is simple once you understand who the enemy is. Hopefully these to articles will start that process. View what I have provided with an open mind, as you indoctrination and cognitive dissonance will attempt to stop you from seeing the truth. These are just two resources of hundreds available that can inform you of the reality of Tahoe our slave masters are in this world!

Veterans today - the history of the Kazarian Mafia

Chuck Swindoll - lucepharian bloodline (on you tube!)

(Does not matter that you believe this is true, so long as you understand that our enemy firmly believes it’s true

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Siamese Twins that share a common-asshole announce ONE Budget to Rule them ALL

The RINO-Homo-PEDO-DemoRat Budget

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I think I'll stop after your opening statement which I believe is the key. The rest just creates ulcers of worry. We all knew KM was in bed with the Mexican Cartel and God only knows who else. When the leverage we had to shut their many facets down wasn't used, I knew it was gone with the wind. There was a massive opportunity to change much lost, holding our proverbial knife to their juggler.. we had a way to limit and even decrease spending, ordering them to cut MANY dehumanizing programs.. the Uniparty is stronger and larger than we could ever imagine. Live a Godly life and find peace in the fact that God wins. Choose the narrow path people, for it leads to His eternal peace and light

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A horror movie. Stand up and push back. Thank you, JD !!!

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