Every single one of them is establishment and connected to Soros or World Economic Forum or CFR, so why should any American listen to them.

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When the debate went live -- during Trump's speech to the Michigan autoworkers, I tuned into it -- to listen to what Vivek and DeSantis had to say. But then, after about 20 minutes, I turned it off -- as all the candidates on stage started talking over one another, profusely. 'Would rather listen to 4-min clips of Vivek, DeSantis, (and RFKjr) -- each talking separately -- which I can get via X

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No President Trump is not worth watching those losers.

Under the radar: On Wednesday, House Republicans passed a measure spearheaded by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga, to reduce the annual salary of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin from over $221,000 to $1.

"It's different than impeachment. You're taking their salary completely away and essentially firing them," Greene told the Washington Examiner. "[Austin's] a complete failure, an absolute failure, and passing this Holman Rule today, the amendment will allow us to fire him."

The "Holman Rule" is a mechanism that empowers lawmakers to curtail the salaries of particular federal employees, effectively terminating their tenure in those roles.


16 tons turned into 20 tons, a JP Morgan ship. https://www.nj.com/mercer/2019/06/over-16-tons-of-cocaine-seized-at-delaware-river-shipping-terminal-in-philly-could-be-largest-drug-bust-is-us-history.html

The synthetic opioid fentanyl is well known for the many lives it has claimed – mainly in the US, but elsewhere too. The synthetic opioid fentanyl is well known for the many lives it has claimed – mainly in the US, but elsewhere too. Now, a less well-known class of synthetic opioids called nitazenes is starting to crop up in overdose cases, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Some drugs in the nitazene class are 100 times more potent than morphine – so about as potent as fentanyl. However, nitazenes may be more deadly.


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Glad I didn't tune in to the clown show. Sounds like they skipped many important topics and chose to bicker amongst themselves. After all, they are politicians.

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ND Gov Doug Burgum is being funded by Mike Chambers, the co founder of Aldevron, a biotechnology company that makes and distributes mRNA. Aldevron is owned now by Danaher (DHR). Bill Gates,is an investor in DHR and bought Doug Burgum’s company Great Plains Software and turned into Microsoft.

Bill Gates funded Doug Burgum’s Governor run for office.

Kenneth Chien, co founder of Moderna is on the board of directors at Aldevron.

There is a lot more.

Not for Burgum.







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I've been watching these things for 40 yrs & the thing I've realized is they are ALL liars. No matter who is in charge nothing ever changed. Literally NOTHING said will be done. The ONLY person that's ever done what he's said was Trump.

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Fracking in FL is a dumb topic.

There is no oil or gas in Florida. And the entire state sits on a thin strip of sand on top of fragile limestone.

Haley needs geology lessons.

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Sep 28·edited Sep 29

JD, the "debates" are semi-auditions for Veep, although nine really tick my fancy in a meaningful way outside Vivek.

I have thrree disqialifiers for *any* candidate in *any* office:

1) Support for mo mo monee for the Ukraine Cocaine Cowboy Dwarf who plays the piano on stage with his prick

2) Open borders, or better stated, not advocating a frickin' 30' wall with a moat filled with HIV-infested piranha, and rapid no-questions-asked deportation for *any* illegal who has not filed for legal residency properly.

3) 2020 was a fair election.

You support any of those and I will smile when reading your obituary.

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There was a debate? Damn, I missed that..............................again. Who still watches that theater? Listen, if one has not figured it out yet then I don't know what to tell them. What I will say is..."Damn, they are stuck right there." Politics, Religion, Celebrities, Academia, Experts, all and sundry, they are psy-ops, I believe.

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I'm SICK & TIRED of ALL the politicians 🤮 NONE of them are FOR THE PEOPLE,or REPRESENT - WE THE PEOPLE!!! they're ALL for THEMSELVES ! They need to QUIT begging for more money - they ALL get TOO MUCH Already - they ALL, in order to REPRESENT - WE THE PEOPLE, NEED minimum wage, NO insurance, NO security - since they're AGAINST Guns !,- & NO perks of ANY kind - let them LIVE like WE THE PEOPLE - STRUGGLE EACH DAY to buy food, pay bills ,etc

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Debate ... what debate?

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Everyone on that stage knows they have no chance of being the nominee and they still participated. It sounds fishy, slippery and full of ulterior motives.

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I'm glad I didn't watch. Just the thought of it made me tired. I'm watching Glenn Beck's show now and he's giving the best debater award to Donald Trump. LOL! His take on the clown show is the same as most everyone else, it was the WORST he'd ever seen. Anyone looking forward to the next one?🤣

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Here's you recap...

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BREAKING: Pitkin woman arrested on multiple counts of arson related to Rapides, Vernon wildfire [Louisiana]


Forestry agents have arrested a Pitkin woman for setting multiple fires in Rapides Parish that made their way into Vernon.

Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry’s Enforcement Division said it arrested Laura Mclaughlin on Friday for setting what ultimately became a massive wildfire.

Originating in Rapides and burning into Vernon, the fires consumed more than 7,000 acres of timber and one residence. The fires raged for several days and continue to be monitored.

The total value of the timber burned is estimated to be over $2 million, Finley said. The suppression cost associated with these fires is estimated at $2.7 million.


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