I don't believe Walensky got a real shot. Or Fauci, Gates, Biden, Trudeau, etc.

They KNOW what it actually is!

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"we can assume that the more someone gets jabbed, the more likely they are to need more jabs in the future just to stay alive"

Not sure I agree. Having more jabs guarantees a continuous proliferation of the toxic Spike Protein in the body, which will damage organs, interfere with multiple processes at the cellular level, and severely suppress the immune system. If the first two don't kill you after a while, the latter will make you more likely to succumb to an opportunistic infection.

Just wanted to note that the cited studies are in vitro studies. To date, reverse transcription of the mRNA into DNA has not been found/proven in vivo.

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How does a Rational person communicate to an Irrational person? Carefully in baby steps if that is important to you. Not that there is any guarantee of success.

I personally let others go their own way because I would like the same in return. People live or die daily; So live your life as Free & Happy as you can. "Saving the World" is an endless game.

IMO. the world population is going to be reduced by several different methods from jabs to war to famine & disease. Not pleasant, but survivable by the most Able. Good Luck to All.

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Of course, I have tried to educate and warn my older friends - but to no avail.

Tony (age 77) and his wife Linda took their 5th shot (new booster). Tony said he woke up the next day in excruciating pain. He said it felt like his wrists, hands, ankles and feet were "on fire." His doctor assured him this is a normal reaction to the vaxx.

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"... but they will remain docile knowing that if they don't get with the program, they will be allowed to succumb to the effects of the jabs."

Unless we think that the majority of people are forever stupid, I don't see how such a strategy could work. Getting more jabs doesn't stop one from succumbing to the effects of the jabs. They compound the problem. This will become more and evident and people will not believe they're more likely to die without "boosters". I would think that financial threats are the more likely long term approach.

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