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I watched the first UN emergency session convened at the request of Russia where they brought pictures, manifests, types and quantities of weapons-grade biological agents at various labs in Ukraine. Everyone else provided bluster and denials (including most of the EU and the US). And for some reason, they refused to convene later at Russia's request with more evidence to be shown.

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Would bio-weapon development by a potential enemy ON THE US BORDER,

justify military action?

Suppose we learned that Russia had 46 labs in Cuba? What would we do?

I think our reaction would be similar to Putin’s in Ukraine.

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Personally, I believe Russia. Let me tell you why. Russia was opened to churches and to the Lord God by Putin. They were free to worship during Covid. As well, all the perversion being thrust down our children's throats in the government schools is not allowed in Russia, but let me tell you what is.

Alexandre Solzhenitsyn died in 2008. He was expelled from Russia, exiled. He wrote The Gulag Archipelago which is the history of communism in Russia along with all its evils. President Putin met with Alexandre for several hours; I believe it was a couple years before Alexandre's death. At any rate, Solzhenitsyn leveled with Putin, and Putin listened. After Alexandre died, the main street in Moscow was changed from some big former commie to Alexandre Solzhenitsyn Street by Presidential Decree. But even more so, by another Presidential Decree, Putin decreed that every high school student must read The Gulag Archipelago before they graduate.

President Putin said he wanted all young people to know the history of their country and communism. Sad that our children are being taught to embrace it and have been for many decades, while the once communist country of Russia is now teaching their high school children the evils of Marx and Engels and their lies.

So, who will I believe? Knowing those in the upper echelons of our military, many of whom are communists, and that's a proven fact, look at Gen. Milley, I'll stand with Putin's take on the USA and her bioweapon labs in Ukraine.

For those who don't read true history...in 1848 European communists immigrated to America after Europe rejected socialism. In 1860 the war between the states killed over 70,000 Americans. It is documented evidence that 13 high-ranking union officers were hardcore Communists connected to Karl Marx. And another documented fact is that Karl Marx wrote Lincoln many letters urging him on which resulted in a centralized federal government, which Marx knew planted the beginning seeds of communism.

I'll stand with Putin, not my own filthy rotten Luciferian government.

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Timeline..April 2014, Hunter Biden’s company invests in Ukrainian biolab DOD contractor MetaBiota; July 2014 Ebola outbreak hits East Africa; October 2014, Joe Biden’s chief operative Ron Klain named Ebola Czar, partners closely with Fauci; November 2014, Obama signs agreement with Xi to collaborate on infectious disease research, EcoHealth Alliance funding flows to Wuhan Lab

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So, what are you going to believe? What I'm telling you is going on? Or, your own lying eyes?

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