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Thai Princess in a Coma Following Pfizer Jabs Could Prompt Nation to Nullify "Vaccine" Agreement

This could be huge.

The bombshell that's been waiting to happen might finally be here. Admittedly, I sat on this story for a few days to confirm, but now I am confident that there is a legitimate chance Thailand will go after Pfizer after their jabs caused Princess Bajrakitiyabha to go into a coma.

The story has been hard to follow because news has been scant. She collapse in December shortly after getting jabbed. Of course, it was reported that she had a heart condition but no mentions were made about the jabs. The only updates came on January 7 and 8 declaring that she was still in a coma. Since then, nothing has been reported by corporate media.

Here is what Bloomberg reported nearly a month ago. This was among the final updates from corporate media:

Thai Princess Bajrakitiyabha Narendira Debyavati remains unconscious more than three weeks after she collapsed due to a heart condition, the palace said.

Treating physicians have concluded she had a severe arrhythmia due to inflammation of the heart caused by mycoplasma infection, the Bureau of the Royal Household said in a statement Sunday.

The 44-year-old princess lost consciousness in northeastern Thailand on Dec. 14 while training her dog for a competition, and was airlifted to Bangkok to receive treatment. She is currently treated with medicines including antibiotics, and on medical equipment to assist with the functioning of her heart, lungs and kidneys, according to the palace.

Bajrakitiyabha, the oldest of King Maha Vajiralongkorn’s seven children from three different marriages, has been seen by some analysts as a potential heir to the throne, which would make her the first female monarch of the Southeast Asian nation. The king, 70, has not appointed an heir since taking the throne in 2016.

The princess has a law degree from Cornell University and had served as a diplomat to Austria and in roles for UN Women and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime. She has also served in the attorney general’s office and holds the rank of general in the king’s Royal Security Command unit.

I will be posting more details about this in the coming days, but here's a video from Redacted that breaks down the broad strokes (Warning: Language).

Hattip: Redacted

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