More and more people are exiting the Censorship Industrial Complex. Yesterday I made the decision to end my YouTube viewings because I can't leave a meaningful comment. If I can't say what I have deduced, then YouTube is not worthy of my time (or my analytics).

Censorship isn't just about making an independent's online voice silenced, it's about the manipulation of an entire population through propaganda and control. It MUST end and WE have the ability to defeat this!

Liberty Daily is literally my FIRST stop each morning, then I read from there onward. I've been increasing my time on Rumble. I have also decided to support Neil Oliver via Patreon just so I can dump YouTube.

Now I need to calculate which spots I need to financially support (such as the JD Rucker conglomerate), and so I will. We vote/support with our feet and our wallets!

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Our Substack works to get around the modern censorship overlords by taking the battlefield to the physical realm, where there’s more reach, that they can’t get to.


It’s one strategy of many.

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Thank you. You are a great “fake” journalist and I always look forward to your take on the events.

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A new poll by Rasmussen Reports finds that nearly two-thirds of those polled believe the FBI has been "weaponized, starting from the top in Washington."

Rasmussen said in a press release Friday: "Former FBI Special Agent Nicole Parker testified to a House subcommittee last month that the FBI has become 'politically weaponized, starting from the top in Washington.' Sixty-four percent of voters agree with that statement, including 44% who Strongly Agree that the FBI has been “politically weaponized. Thirty percent disagree, including 17% who Strongly Disagree."

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The more lies exposed, the more good writers and journalists like Michael Shellenberger and Naomi Wolf will see the truth and join us in the fight to save what we can of our country.

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To this day, I am still trying to understand the fascination with so-called "social media". It is hardly social, in fact, it is a creation of the US government's intelligence agencies. There is little redeeming value and it is more destructive than useful or entertaining. It's only practical use is that of a "town cryer". Social media has destroyed the fabric of this country, while also destroying families and friendships.

Yet, supposedly intelligent people from the conservative spectrum and the medical truth/freedom communities continue using it. They complain about being censored, yet do everything in the power to get out of social media "prison". At least now there are some venues that are neutral politically (or claim to be) they can turn to for their addiction.

I must admit to being a "seasoned citizen" who does not have (nor did I ever have) an account in Fascistbook or the blue bird club. Even without these, I have managed to stay abreast of important news and truth through the alt-media (thanks to JD and few dozen others). I have no desire to post my views or personal information for the benefit of the global tyrants, information community, etc. It is best not to do battle in the enemy's territory. Why give the other side the strategic, tactical advantage if you really want to win and save the country?

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I am grateful for journalists like you, James O’Keefe, Darren Beatty, Julie Kelly, Naomi Wolf, new comer Nathalie Winters and many others, including Tucker and Dan Bongino. Without you folks, none would be the wiser. I certainly wasn’t until Covid made me start looking deeper.

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I’m old enough ( on this account )to have witnessed live footage of China welding it’s citizens into their homes mass spray trucks fogging entire city blocks for weeks and beating anyone and kidnapping them into vans. LIVE.

I’m also old enough to have listened to Rush for over 20 years and he never promised anything but his opinion of issues and FACTS. I believe that the conglomerational news media would love to have that type of devotion and independence, but far too many don’t have real world experience and therefor inject their bubble opinions after the video they present to viewers like The View does.

It’s why I believe that Elon can make a new news organization blended into Twitter but hiring people who can only discern facts from bullshit and make people THINK FOR THEMSELVES is a rare commodity.

Bongino isn’t doing anything close to what Rush left him. He has no real contacts that are willing to expose issues and he has way too much wasted time in Intros and sponsored by’s killing the first 5 minutes.

He never hits the ground running and he was given the entire stadium to squander and is doing so.

Now you.... You’re great, getting better all the time. Toss out a preview punch for an Intro and lead into the story behind that Intro. Show a little emotion but don’t go deep. Express it. Just say it.

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When I left Drudgereport 3 years ago, I came and parked at TheLibertyDaily

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Yes, we can.

We also need to straighten out the fbi and doj. Because they had been paid by the fbi to influence readers. I believe guys like Jim Jordan and Comer and others, however, will do that deed.

I never use social media like fakebook, meta, or google. There are good browsers that do not track users.

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Spot on description of our fake media and the need for true voices. Julie Kelley is one of the best. I was banned on Twitter for sharing ‘the truth’ but I wear it as a badge of honor. I recently regained my account and enjoy seeing tweets from those previously silenced. I wonder which agency thought I was dangerous enough that I needed silenced. My being 73 just finds their fear hysterical, but it shows me how much our government has declined. Don’t get me started on the downfall of our medical institutions. Thanks JD for another worthwhile article.

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The truth always needs its champions, people who stand when everyone is required to kneel. What I don't see however, that we also need, is those same champions reaching out to other truth seekers to magnify the word. It generally seems, these champions today demand 100% agreement before they will make any move or attempt to raise up other, future champions.

This devastating purity requirement is why its taken two years when, I suspect, it could have been much quicker.

Christ taught us to reach out to everyone to spread the truth. Many didn't follow, and that is their choice, but enough did to change the world.

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Sharing, to get the word out.

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Great comment, JD!


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I think people are fed up. Fed up with the Biden administration. Fed up with lies. Fed up with being told to shut up.

Here’s what I think will happen when enough parents are fed up with academia and the garbage being taught to their children by those who are unfit to teach, who are mentally impaired by beliefs that are unacceptable to a parent of a five or six year old who feels forced to keep secrets from mommy and daddy. They will rise up against the system of propaganda and abuse and say enough. When that happens we will see a new wave of hope and determination to stop this industrial complex of corruption in the darkest corners of our government be forced into the sunlight where all their power is useless.

I watched Tucker Carlson as I have every night for several years now and I was disappointed. Yes I was actually a bit angry because honestly, I had seen those videos shortly after J6. As a matter of fact a provocateur, ANTIFA instigator from Utah sold his video to the public as a reporter. He was heard saying “burn it down “ as he filmed. But, in February 2021 I watched another video that followed a rag tag team throughout the capital and I watched Ashley Babbitt being murdered. So these few seconds that Tucker showed was nothing and I don’t know if it’s enough to change the narrative of the staged event of J6. Or maybe it really was just a choreographed event as one video seems to suggest. Who knows? Well, Kevin McCarthy knows and it’s time he releases it all on a loop for all to see because I think that’s what needs to happen if we are ever going to expose the bastards in Washington who are stealing our money, our freedom, our heritage, our children and our country and selling it to the highest bidder.

I have to say one last thing. I think God is the only one who has the master plan and what the outcome is, based on what we the people choose to do because of course, it’s really what we choose to fight for. I pray for peace and prosperity to be restored to America but my gut tells me it may not happen unless we can find collective courage to come together as one race and fight for what is truly ours. Our God given rights that fifty years ago were taken for granted.

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