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George Carlin had one rule. Never trust anything the government says.

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A must see video

Please make time to watch this 15min. Stay with it...

Klaus Schwab..most dangerous person in the world...

Stunning watch

Recommended by Dr Malone



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JD, I can't prep too much in a condo, but please rest assured I am terrified at the volte face (hate the unvaxxed, now hate Russia) I have seen...but even more terrified by the American populace that allow themselves to be manipulated by the NIghtly News. I am APPALLED. And scared out of my wits. Thank you for this piece...I feel exactly the same. Don't know but anyone backed by George Soros is up to no good.

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Let the weight of God's Glory fall upon us all in these times.

Government's propensity for lying is man's propensity for lying

as it was Satan's. Mother of mankind Eve proclaimed to Satan

God has said we shall not eat from the fruit of the tree of knowledge

of good and evil. Satan's reply ..." Surely God is lying, you will not die

but will be like gods..." The lying has since never stopped. The evil one

is The Liar and The Father of Lies. We should not look to Government

for our hope or salvation. We have but God over seeing the wickedness

of man and the goodness. In His time all will be made right and all wrongs

corrected. We all need to review His:





" Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee:

because he trusts in thee." Isaiah 26:3


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Dr Steve Turley has a couple of videos about Russia and Ukraine. Everything MSM isn't saying... https://youtu.be/jxIo0hu5qPU and https://youtu.be/nlMRheV04LQ

I totally agree with you that this is another ploy for the WEF. I follow you religiously as you are one of the few truth tellers. Keep up the awesome work!!

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The bottom line is you can't trust anyone. The government has obviously lied about too many things. The media is dishonest. Putin is not a good man. He has had many people murdered both in the countries under his thumb and even in Britain.

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If anyone has thick enough skin to take the hate painting, it would be Putin. Watch MSM coverage of Russia/Ukraine for 20 minutes..I was in a Hospital yesterday and was forced into it.. They are going at Putin with both blow torches full blaze. Not one thing about his focal points of attack though.. Does anyone have proof that Ukraine are doing some of their own bombings?

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I totally agree with you JD. These days you can’t believe anyone. Not the media for sure, not your Dr, and especially our rotten government ! I trust only in my Lord, and Savior !

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CAN YOU IMAGINE BEING AN UNVAXED RUSSIAN RIGHT NOW???? The media will make them the latest pariah!!!!

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I'm with you 100% on your assessment, JD. Nothing has changed the past two years of wondering how people can be so blind. Do we really have than many fools in our country?

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People need to read this and follow. Great article, as always

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Thank you.

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Great headline! Yep. Ye ole "bait n' switch". Now we won't notice the hundreds of millions, (or maybe billions) that will be dying off from "VAIDS" in the coming months and years. a nuclear war sure would take our attention away;-)

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