Odd timing, Pelosi Video & Tyre Videos to coverup Pfizer revelations a coincidence?

How many elected Officials you see right now holding press conferences stating police will stop this and they e known for weeks to prepare with National Guard to deploy and yet..... crickets.

This should be a live fire looting is wrong event. It’s wrong what Officers did, but burning innocent businesses and attacking people in the streets is worse than the 5 officers crimes.

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"CNN race-baiter Van Jones primed the pumps with a ludicrous story about how this attack is still racist despite the fact that all former police officers involved are black:"

- Chappelle’s brilliant satire on racism was just too prescient. Unfortunately, these people seemed to think it was a documentary. Absolute Clown World.


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Portland will burn tonight, they are on social media at this moment conversing with each other in open group discussions on what to target. Be ready, be aware. Be accurate.

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Always planned violence when they need to distract

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Memphis another destroyed Democrat City

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Jan 28·edited Jan 28

I still don't know what initiated the stop... and I still have not seen all of the video. If I was this guy, Tyre, I would have been scared what these LEO's were going to do too, given their aggressive attitude.

In all fairness... for the life of me, I don't understand why people resist compliance with police orders, when it becomes apparent one's Constitutional rights are probably not going to come into play. I think there was a lot of Organized Crime Unit cops involved in this event... and I suspect they are "Gang Unit" guys. Doing that work day in and day out, might make them tend to see black men as gangsters, in certain neighborhoods.

Professional policing is in crisis right now. Seasoned level headed veteran cops are leaving policing in droves, because they don't trust the ability of younger "gung ho" cops to "have their backs" and also act in a level headed way under pressure.

Was Tyre under the influence of narcotics or other controlled substances? What motivated him to be so resistant and combative? These questions are directly relevant to this event, and we, and these LEOs may never find out the answer.

These LEO's were very aggressive... and the one LEO is heard saying "I hope they stomp his ass". Not a good look.

The political climate of the last 6 years has wreaked havoc on poorly run departments... and caused problems for most departments, even well run departments. The cops you WANT to be on the job are leaving the profession, because the politics and attitudes in America have made policing too damn dangerous.

I'm not saying all the good cops are gone... they are not. But the incentives to remain employed as city cops are slim to none these days, and excessive "us and them" and cowboy cop culture in many agencies is increasingly a problem.

We'll learn a lot more, when these guys go to trial, as we did in the George Floyd and Michael Brown trials. Michael Brown DID try to take the LEOs gun from him... that was, 100% a "good shoot".

George Floyd is more complicated. He was in respiratory distress at the very beginning of the encounter. He was probably OD'd on narcotics. Having a knee pressing firmly on his carotid artery definitely contributed to his death... but... he was a BIG DUDE and extremely strong.

Setting aside the issue of whether or not LEOs are infringing on peoples Civil Rights during these stops, one thing we know FOR SURE: Non-compliance with LEOs who have stopped you, and don't know you, EXPONENTIALLY increases the likelihood you will die during the encounter.

I would always rather walk away alive, even if my rights have been infringed.

Police work is the hardest most dangerous work in America now, and there are quite a few LEOs that are working despite having reached burnout. There are also just some really badly run agencies as well.

One death so far, and a lot of ruined lives because of this event. Sad stuff all around

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Somebody please explain why EVERYTHING is racist. If the suspect had been White, that surely would have been racist, right? If the cops were White and the suspect Black ... well, you know. Insanity - and B.S. - reigns unchallenged.

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All the jabocide deaths being ignored, hundreds of thousands easily; so, the kids know this too. So likely any violence will be managed, the buy out semi pro antifa type, but blamed on whomever.

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I still don't know WTF happened here and what this man did ..

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Purposely released video on Friday instead of Monday night. Yep, planned destruction mostly in Dem cities with their mayors cheering them on...then asking for federal money. These Dem controlled cities are lost. No end in sight to their degradation.

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"Let's pray this doesn't get as bad as many are expecting." Part of your intro, JD.

The stage is set. The violence is carefully orchestrated and encouraged.


Another concocted event thrown at the people to instill fear, hatred, division.

Another distraction!

Splashed across every news channel, commentators will talk until our ears bleed. Turn them OFF!

Instead, have conversations with our children, friends, neighbors, loved ones, strangers how a great evil attempts to infiltrate our minds and hearts.

Be fearless. Surrender not. We are stronger. Otherwise, evil would not go to such great, transparent lengths to divide and conquer us.

Stay home. Stay safe. Our precious children need us.

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Thanks for seeing this for what it is… George Floyd comes to mind, then Black Lives Matter. Why? There is pockets of racism in America, but on the whole this has not been the case for many years. Why do they keep trying to lite the fuse, maybe because when they divide, they can push their agenda down our throats better.

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What did this poor man do?

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I've lived close to Memphis all my life, the cops have always been brutal there.

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if the 5 officers do not see life in prison or the needle i will be amazed.

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Perhaps some or all of the 5 cops are dirty. They were told to take Tyree off the streets for a reason. Tyree wasn't supposed to get beat in front of 5 cameras. If this is the case look for some of them to eat a bullet.


If this isn't the reason, than 5 out of shape cops are going to prison.

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