What Is the America First Report?

When we first came to Substack, the intention was to benefit from the company’s apparent adherence to free speech. There have been very few reports of censorship on the platform to the point that they’ve been attacked for being “too free” by many leftist publications.

Following battles with a handful of traditional email providers, someone suggested I use Substack to send out our daily newsletter. It works, and chances of getting canceled are slim. So, here we are.

The newsletter is not a standard link-list of the latest posts on my sites. Here, we will highlight the actual news and opinions America-First patriots need to read or hear regardless of whether they’re on one of my sites or not. My job compels me to read news from over 240 conservative news outlets every day. It behooves me and my subscribers to share the best of the best that I find so fewer people miss out.

At such a time as this, we need boldness. We need action. Perhaps most importantly, we need the truth to spread so we have the predicate to be bold and to act. That’s what the America First Report will deliver.

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