Kamala as President is as bad as Biden. She will be the new puppet with Obama pulling the strings. Her laughing, cackling, and lack of any intelligence on any issue is mind-numbing, embarrassing, and will continue our nation’s decline. World leaders will shake their head at her attempts. We are doomed until this whole administration of fools is gone.

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We have a sneaking suspicion they’re going to ram Hilary Clinton into office one way or another.

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Add in Joe could pardon his son, Hunter.

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The Democrats will be in control of a - presumably - Lame Duck Congress for the next two months. Who knows what they might have in mind to ram through in that small window? They know. Hard to imagine that precious time would be used to oust their hand-picked puppet. That can wait ...

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Nov 7, 2022·edited Nov 7, 2022

I think that whoever is controlling him is having great success at dismantling our country. Kamala is the insurance that it doesn't happen through the 25th amendment. She's not fit for the president and the rest of the country knows it.

If Dems try to put her in, it will continue to be a boat anchor of embarrassment all the way to the 2024 elections, and will still weigh down the democrats' chance for success then. I think they'd even take Hillary in desperation (perish the thought!)

I think if they want to sink Trump, they'll try to get him to fill out the term (the economy is about to collapse big time), keep him out of 2024 (if he takes it BEFORE Jan 21). They'll continue to try to make him look bad, the liberal stations' stock prices will go up because they'll have someone to attack now. Trump won't take it before the 21st.

Hopefully there's some effort in the house and senate to actually remove Biden and Kamala, but I don't think they will, because as long as they're both there, it will kill any hope of a democrat from making it to the presidency. Sure the democrats can blame the republicans for not getting things done, and vice-versa.

Can we continue to clean RINO's out in 2024? Perhaps. If the democrats and republicans continue to look bad for the next two years.

Is there safety for the house to put in Trump as speaker, and impeach both? I think so (even from the public!!), but not if Biden steps down, and Kamala moves up and they put in someone else controllable as VP. (Pelosi is too toxic, as the investigations ramp up about Pelosi in orchestrating the J6 fiasco.)

If the hatred for Trump is so bad that even the republicans won't back him (and frankly, they NEED someone to blame if the economy takes a dump as I expect it to, and Democrats will join with them), then they'll take the hit in the public's eye, as they're blamed non-stop for the economy for the next 2 years.

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I think you give the bed wetters (for Rio Lindans, those are elected Republicans) way too much credibility. If the Marxists get rid of The Big Guy I think it'll be just after the swear-ins. The regime will name their new Marxist VP figurehead and the GOP will bravely fall down, roll over, poop their pants as usual and vote for the Marxist VP. That will give the regime almost ten years of owning the presidency. I do hope I'm wrong but recent history says otherwise. My turnip truck wounds healed back in 1995 so my confidence in the GOP is a pretty low number, the number just before the number one in fact.

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Good arguments. Have the oddsmakers weighed in on this?

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To be most succinct, “FJB”, and Giggles Harris too. And their boss Barry Soetoro a.k.a. “Obama”, too.

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Kamala has to learn how to properly mix a Salad before she can do anything!

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One other thing: Biden will pardon himself and the rest of the family on his way out the door.

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I think there will be a lot of changes starting right after the vote tomorrow. I’m reading little bits here and there about big things happening. Hope they all come true. We may not have to worry about Kamala. Just read an excellent Substack by Duane Cates. “Trump Will Never Announce a 2024 Run. Ever.” It was very interesting. Granted, I know it’s all speculation, but it made me feel better about the situation we’re in today! I don’t know how to write out the link, but his Substack is Thunderdome!!! He and his brother Brian are great! I follow both of them!

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Given his obvious cognitive deficits from before his nomination that have only accelerated alarmingly since, I have been amazed how everyone - on both sides - pretends to be serious that Biden can / will run in 2024. It’s a joke. It’s obvious NOW & has been throughout his “residency” that he is not competent & certainly won’t be in 2 years. That said, the thought of that cackling idiot, Kneepads Harris, being the new “resident” is pretty horrifying too

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Your lips to God's ears, JD.

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