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Because politicians are all on the same team.

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BIDEN FOUND 1 FAMILY HE WANTS TO DEPORT. But why didn't they become citizens? None of the articles mention that. Model Home Schooling Christian Family.

Tennessee family faces deportation 15 years after fleeing Germany to homeschool kids: A 'well-founded' fear

Hannelore and Uwe Romeike, who face deportation 15 years after moving to the U.S. to homeschool their children, are afraid they will face the same persecution if they return to Germany.

Their stay was indefinite, however, until now.

For 15 years, the Romeike family has lived in Morristown. Uwe Romeike, the father of the seven Romeike children, works as a piano accompanist at Carson-Newman University. Now, they say, the U.S. government is trying to deport them.

The family moved to the U.S. from Germany in 2008. Their application for asylum said they were fined by the German government roughly $9,000 after homeschooling their children, court documents show.

Romeike said since he and his wife moved to the U.S., they've had two more children and two of their adult children are married to U.S. Citizens.

"They work here. Everything is here in America," Romeike said. "We don't have any place to live there. I don't have any work to provide for my family over there."

"[Homeschooling] is illegal [in Germany]," Hannelore Romeike explained. If they are sent back, they will face the same persecution as before.


They do work and pay taxes in the US. https://www.wbir.com/article/news/local/morristown-family-faces-deportation-homeschooling/51-2d3dd498-b8b0-4b4e-86af-e8c33dae0dbb

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Excellent TRUTHFUL article. I wish we could impeach them all for treason!

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Love him - or hate him - Elon Musk gets attention ... kind of like Donald Trump. That's a good thing.

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I do know for a fact our Immigration System is a complete chaotic mess.

It is "us the people" who must force Congress and the President to "fix" the system now not later.

Elon has once again done America's citizens a great service, by going to the border and asking questions, lets hope this lights a fire under the Congressional Members asses !

It can't be allowed to continue.

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They are ushering in people who have voted in socialist dictators, hoping that these people will do the same. Instead of sitting around waiting for politicians to close the border, we need to be taking our message to the Latino community that can vote and help them understand why the democrat platform is so dangerous. If the US becomes as bad as Venezuela or Argentina, where will people flee to? We must use the democrats strategy against them.

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Getting more depressed daily reading our country’s downward spiral especially since I rarely read legitimate concrete solutions. Think it’s time to seriously and loudly broadcast a Convention of States. I know the MSM and our Dear Leaders will and have been fighting against it but I believe it’s the only way to stem the tide of our nations destruction. At this point I’ve only thrown $ towards CoS but am going to become a volunteer or state rep. Please join me if you agree.

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Just refund my $100. I signed up for paid service and have never received benefits?


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Elon just reinforces the horror going on at the southern borders. He is now calling for "citizen journalists" to post their videos directly to X. I think that is a super idea! All we see are videos of people getting beat up in the inner cities ( which is bad) and trans people posing as the opposite sex. Let's get some good reporting on just what is happening other than that and the border crisis is a good place to start. Let's see the suffering on a daily basis of the children and others being trafficked and sold as sex slaves. Let's see all the fentanyl coming across everyday. If people saw enough of it, something might change! Prayers.

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Exactly right. Vast majority of national politicians are only there because the Oligarchs allow them to run and fund their candidacies. We are not a representative democracy anymore. We are a Neo-fascist Technocratic Eugenicist banana Republic oligarchy.

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The only way this will stop is if we stop funding it with our tax dollars. They know this of course which is why dickhead Biden hired 81k armed IRS agents (instead of Border patrol agents, THAT is where they put their focus)! They’re using executive orders to decide where/when to launder our money and I am so fed up with it! Being screwed sucks enough but literally paying to be led to my own slaughter is just epic BULLSHIT!

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synagogue of satan wages war against the church of Christ for millenia....they raised up the muslim heresy and almost genocided Xtians in spain until they woke up and then drove out the muslims and their owners in 1492 and they are now pulling the same trick against europe and the usa again.

will Xtians wake up ? or will the world finally fall into satan's tools hands until Jesus comes again in power and glory ? we are living in interesting times...and thank God that He makes it all work for His good and that He loves and cares about us more than we care about ourselves

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With all due respect, JD Rucker, less than half correct. Let's try and get you and Michael Rectenwald together to discuss; he and I've shared direct notes (including a near one hour call a few weeks ago) and I assure you he can weigh in with his impeccable credentials/ expertise pertinent to a range of topics and more recently, the WEF and their Great Reset plans for the rest of us and their ensuring UN Agenda 2030 gets fulfilled. With no sovereign nations, etc; the USA is effectively the last nation barely-still able to - maybe, at this point - stand in the way of this.

Now in "normal times" some years back and that might literally be prior Kissinger sitting with Mao in 1973, obviously entirely unrelated, of course, to the clearly "timely coincidence" of his commencing that very same year with his becoming the by far most influential mentor of K Schwab...you'd surely be very correct!

Please note in regards the prior paragraph, Special Ops veteran turned globetrotting Investigative Journalist and War Correspondent Michael Yon is on the record asserting (quote) "...the WEF and CCP are less partners and more one and the same". (Source: Mike Adams interview of Michael Yon on Brighteon(dot)com)

As to taking care of Oligarchs it isn't just the ones in Ukraine. And there's the rub.

Anyway, we are exceptionally and better stated, frighteningly well advanced down an effective color revolution here inside the USA. No question the Enemy is well within the Gates.

Were you aware that reportedly per multiple groups with lawyers comprising same, that their Freedom of Information Act requests have not been able to unearth the formal paperwork completing the official "swearing in" process, effectively, of virtually any of the Obidenistas Regime? Growing numbers are realizing the Installed modifier is prudent for much improved accuracy, for obvious reasons.

Now if correct why might that be? How about charges of treason? Not technically applicable, arguably at least, it would appear; no I'm not a lawyer and do not practice law however I've been accused of being one a fair number of times over the last several decades.

Please note I've shared more of your pieces in recent weeks than I have from any of your colleagues and peers - yes, a compliment.

Also, the very first place my mind went on reading your piece prompting my response was this:

Good odds he knows what I'm going to share or much of it. But likes being not canceled either digitally or "really".

Now then, a comment from someone with a (from whom again? Me and I'm not a particularly high profile individual, in relative terms although I would encourage you to check my LinkedIn) markedly lower profile is clearly about the only way to somewhat "safely" get such points into the discourse; you're welcome! :)

Now here's part of my own cover/ "insurance", so-to-speak:

Team from one of the launches I led, in that case a nationwide secured comms leader, advised the NSA and testified to Congress on security. And amongst the fair number of US Presidentially appointed level folks I know well an average of two decades each, with one serving on three Boards of companies I've led since the 90s, a sibling of one had a building named after him on the NSA HQ Campus. I can go on with other examples.

In any case, I have a network a bit better than most via both sides of the aisle stretching several decades. That fact helped me get unbanned from LinkedIn when they permanently banned me. I didn't even need to reach out to any of my network; I simply let LinkedIn know I was going to and I started with two focused examples including generalized summaries of who I knew directly, up close and personal with each of those two.

Insurance comes in many forms; doesn't mean I drive more crazily when I have amazing insurance. Just that when a mishap occurs I'm in slightly better hands than most, if you will. :)

Lots of TMI perhaps but hopefully helps explain just a bit of my perspective and seasoning, among more.

Please do keep up the excellent work, Thank You!

My Best & God Bless; Truly!


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Divert attention away from the next Biden financial package which keeps most of you employed and paid and which needs to be approved by tomorrow 30th September (here at least) by Congress and the EMF transmissions on the 4th October and again on the 11th October - is it plausible you won't need your jobs or wages if your minds are controlled by something else - if you are vaccinated that is - it does not apply to those of you not vaccinated (me).

Am I missing something here?

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No kidding. Francis, Lionel and Gail are all spot on!

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