Of COURSE McCarthy is part of the swamp. That's always been crystal clear. The part that boils me is that conservative Congressmen were supposed to keep him from pulling crap like this, and they didn't lift a finger except for a few virtue-signaling comments. Ridiculous.

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Yes....I agree. Where was Congressman Matt Gaetz on this. He and those conservative Congressmen weren't strutting their stuff. No, they just did that stunt of holding the

votes back from McCarthy until he won anyway. I said before, too much California there.

You have Pelosi (Hakeem is just a figure head and Muslim) Miss VP, and McCarthy in crucial positions. The whatever you call them useful Republicans helped. What a joke when your Speaker has to get votes from Leftists to make his deal work. Despicable. Oh, BIG mouth

Chip Roy is no more. He is backing off and saying I am going to meet with McCarthy

next week. So, what. He's nothing but a Rhino/Establishment. After all, he has endorsed

my Governor who is all over the Country instead of at home where he pledged to be.

Running the State of Florida. DeSantis couldn't even have a gathering in his home

town because the local Republican Party said don't come. Because, it would amount to

nothing. Plus, local Republican Party said they worked hard to get DeSantis re-elected.

Now, he betrays them and runs for President. Those Republican voters are endorsing

President Trump. One of DeTraitor's gatherings showed him looking washed out and nervous

while his wife, Casey was ranting about her children and what they do at home. Didn't

make sense.

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That's what I say, too. They all deserve each other. Then Matt Gaetz comes out and says that the Oath keeper more or less got what he deserved. He said that the man had representation.

Where is he coming from on that one. Disgrace. How are you surviving in Arizona with that

mess going on?

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What's going on is the old bait and switch scam. Trump talks america first then endorses every america last dirt bag he can find. He screwed us quite well here in Arkansas by getting the rino Boozman reelected just when we thought we were going to kick him to the curb, thanks Trump and all you idiot repugs that can't think for yourselves.

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"Surviving" is a good word. I'm retired, but not destitute. The political situation in my home county is not as bad as in Phoenix, with the dems running the State and the city into the ground. Water from the Colorado was cut in half for farmers nearby, and the cost of hay to feed our horses has doubled since last year - the farmers had to cut their production and increased prices to match. Not uncommon for 80 bales to cost $1500. It's not sustainable long-term, and selling some of our herd of mini-horses is out of the question because no one is buying.

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I no longer trust ANY of them. I don't trust Trump either. He had no problem with the rino being speaker, he had no problem with the useless nag Ronna McDaniel being gop chair. He endorsed every america last fool in the nation. Here in Arkansas we had a chance to rid ourselves of John rino boozman until Trump had to stick his nose into our state. He endorsed the rino and it got re elected because republicans can't seem to think for themselves. They have to have someone tell them whom to vote for, idiots.

Trump says one thing, but then does the exact opposite. He's supposed to be america first but he supports every america last scumbag in the government.

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What you are angry about is Republicans just being Republicans. America needs a conservative political party to act as an opposition party. We already have two Democrat parties.

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I don't deny that. I'm merely not impressed with the behavior of those who made such a show of "standing up to" McCarthy and claiming to have imposed all those "conditions" upon him in exchange for voting him in. Not impressed and not happy.

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The right hand of evil will always vote with the left hand of evil. Congress is a colossal deception and functions merely to appear as "we the people" as opposed to the truth as "we the government". Abolish the fraud and satan's minions.

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Hell awaits the end of many lives after their long run of perfidy.

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Some other things to point out on DeTraitor. He lost his home city of Jacksonville to a Liberal. Now, the city has a Democrat Mayor. He allowed Witch Pelosi to bring in a US Capitol Police office in Tampa, Fl. He did nothing on the raid of President Trump's Mar A Lago home. Which as Governor

he must have known about prior to it. Now, he leaves his loyal supporters in the dust while

he's on his tour of the Country. He has to travel to other States because he won't get the

support in Florida. He has let JEB! and the Big money donors make him look weak and

ineffective. I can tell how he acts now. He's way out of his league. My concern is that

DeTraitor has left Florida vulnerable in Elections to come. He even on TV looked straight

at a Dominion attorney and said she was excellent at her job. Don't forget DeTraitor gave

immunity to hospitals and medical staff from being sued for COVID practices. Looks to

me that he isn't that Great Governor many people think he is here in the State of Florida.

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I don't follow politics except quite casually these days. I look for tidbits here and there. He visited Murdoch on his ranch in Montana very recently. Murdoch is (sigh), as we all know, part of The Octopus. I suspect he was promised big money and big support--as in collusion and rigged elections--because that's all we have now is preordained winners. I believe Murdoch detests Trump. "Bought, sold, delivered; I'm yours," as the old song goes.

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Hi....Are you talking about DeSantis visiting Murdoch in Montana? That's why the

DeTraitor blocked his travel records for nobody to see. I don't know how he can get

away with it. What do you mean Octopus? Funny back in 2016 Murdoch

and Trump met up at Trump's Turnberry Golf Course in Scotland? Wonder what

happened? I know his one son Lachlen and wife, supported CROOKED. Oh, is that

why DeTraitor had the nerve to say that he would pardon Trump. What a disgrace he

has become. He's way out of his league. He can't even have a Rally in his own home

city here in Florida. Too many Trump supporters would show up. People in the Republican Party that helped get DeTraitor re-electe are furious with his actions. Especially, what treatment he has shown President Trump. Let me know what YOU

know :-)

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The Octopus is Globalists, like Murdoch, who control various segments within world society: commerce, industry, politics, health, wars, etc. Some call them Illuminati. Murdoch is not top level but much higher than U.S. politicians (my guess). People like deSantis and Trump are their gophers. They are the pawns in the game.

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Probably Bankers. I met this man out of the blue going to an appointment. We talked for about an hour. He knew a lot. He said that the Bankers run the Country and World.

Please keep me updated on anything else you find. Thank YOU for your Reply :-)

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This is why Matt Gaetz, congressman from Florida, refused to support Kevin McCarthy under any condition. Marjorie Taylor Greene, broke the United resistance to McCarthy. McCarthy promised to defund Bidens 87,000 new IRS hirelings. He actually made it happen. Anybody who has watched McCarthy over the years had no doubt that he lacked the right stuff

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No surprise there, anybody with a brain saw this coming a mile away.

Something no conservative media is pointing out is how many reps and senators that got re elected with the endorsement of Trump voted for this travesty.

Trump didn't oppose McCarthy or McDaniels election bids. He repeatedly endorsed america last rinos. Why is nobody asking him about this disgusting fact?

Something is very rotten here.

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Jun 2, 2023·edited Jun 2, 2023

Because Cult of Trump.

But he actually installed McCarthy and McDaniel. Without his blessing they aren't in power. But MAGA won't ask questions. Blind followers aka a cult.

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Hell is empty and all the devils are here - Shakespeare

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YOU said it!

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When exactly have they never raised the debt ceiling? They have to....the ENTIRE WORLD eats off of us. We are the ATM of the entire world. Too many foreigners depend on this land's prosperity. We were sold out long ago by Rosenfeld (Roosevelt) Wilson and Co......


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Hello JD. The best, and maybe only way out of this is for We the People, and our States, to "motivate" Congress to ratify our Constitutional Amendment to Ban Congress borrowing money. I've made it stronger so it also bans a central bank, CBDC by default, printing money to cover expenses, owning securities by gov't, and puts control of the Money in Congress only. Please cover this for your Substack. Happy to have you on Action Radio to talk about this.


Greg Penglis

Creator, Host and CEO

Action Radio Citizen Legislature



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Make way for the digital dollar and put a fork in us.

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No way. We the People, must fight this or we are done.

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Uniparty, clear to see people

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Too bad people could not see it 100 years ago.....This is an old game, but most were too invested in the political fantasy land to see it. The endgame is near and they don't care if you see it now......"What you gonna don about it, huh?" (says the bully). Nothing, whine, complain and rant, but still participate in the theater. What a way to live.

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The UniParty wins again. American taxpayers lose again.

We need a President who is a financial expert:


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McCarthy is definitely a swamp creature.

He needs to go. NOW!!!

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Spineless gutless republican eunuchs

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So what's new? Paychecks on both sides of the imaginary aisle are dependent upon the government's perpetuation regardless how wicked it becomes

Government devoid of an unchanging ethical standard (found only in the Bible's immutable moral laws) is always marked with compromise and moral capitulation.

Case in point: the biblically egregious Constitutional Republic born of the biblically seditious Constitution.

For more on how the Bible's triune and integral moral law (the Ten Commandments and their respective statutes and judgments apply and should be implemented as the law of the land, see free online book "Law & Kingdom: Their Relevance Under the New Covenant" at https://www.bibleversusconstitution.ORG/law-kingdomFrame.html

Then, at the same location, "A Biblical Constitution: A Scriptural Replacement for Secular Government."

Find out how much you really know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the sidebar and receive a free copy of a book that *examines* the Constitution by the Bible.

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Liked the analysis but dislike the outcome of this deal(?). Someone please, waterboard McCarthy. Ask what was negotiated and what the non-Leftist working citizens, the ones who will sacrifice evermore of their lives to pay for the Left's gluttony, what did they gain. Were there any true, standup conservatives in the meetings with McCarthy and Obama who can testify that he wasn't simply handed a "deal" and told to shut up, go away and play his part in this over-ripe melodrama . . . "Now go sell this crap." Afterwards, the conversation returns to relevant topics like fat retirement packages, bulging bank accounts, young mistresses, getting the old wife committed, the upcoming new war that will keep the grift rolling in FOREVER and, of course, future retirement/summer-homes on Martha's Vineyard, walking distance from the "living god's" mansion. Now if I could just find the downpayment for that modest demon-proof underground bunker in the Rockies that nobody knows about, before this whole farce just blows up in all our faces. Well, there is no downpayment and I can't get away from human interaction so it's back to the old plan of TRUST NO ONE inside the DC beltway. When will states remember that they created the Feds . . . and seemingly "made a deal with the devil" in the process . . . and unlike God, the Feds did not create the states.

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