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Actually, small but important correction: the insurance company exec actually said that a 10% increase in mortality would be a once in 200 years catastrophe, so 40% is apocalyptic.

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The inconvenient truth will become convenient very SOON. But let me give you the reason why I knew back in March 2021 that vaxxed were dead people walking.

The spike protein was developed for the gain-of-function used to make bats viruses lethal and is by itself a bio-weapon (Ralph Baric - University of NC is the developer of this patented bio-weapon). Imagine now that in order to fight a bio-weapon (SARS-Cov-2 uses spikes to attack the cell) you use a transgenic injection that turns your body into a bio-weapons factory. That's called INSANITY.

It has already been established that all C-19 transgenic injections contain graphene oxides nano-particles. They're not listed as ingredient but I have a MAC Address confirmation from a vaccinee and others have reported the same.

You need graphene oxide to build nano-networks in the cell. Charles Lieber (Harvard) has filed 50 patents on nano-wire and nano-sensors and was working with China until arrested in 2020 by the FBI. He's the key scientist behind the wireless networking part of these transgenic injections.

After one year of the "Safe and Effective" circus, the time of reckoning has arrived and it's going to be UGLY. The UK, Canada, Germany and Israel are showing clear signs of VAIDS (vaccine acquired immune deficiency syndrome) responsible for negative vaccine efficacy - I've seen values as low as -192%. This means clearly that the immune system of the vaxxed has been compromised to the point where even a simple infection (not necessarily Covid) can kill them and this is permanent - you cannot revert the damages caused by these injections: loss-of-function of type II macrophages, loss of function of killer cells, loss-of-function of tumor necrosis factors etc. Expect cancers and autoimmune diseases to spread like wildfire before 2025.

Myocarditis is a no brainer in this case since trillions of spike proteins are turning the vaccinee's heart into a petri dish already - some people are dying in less than 2 days after the human sacrifice ritual. So, expect an explosion of strokes (brain or heart).

These insurance companies are not stupid - the carnage is coming and we haven't even seen the first wave yet.

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Wow thank you for this write up!

I stumbled across the interview yesterday, and I'm listening to it for a second time to really wrap my head around it. I'm going to share this writeup with all the groups where I shared the original interview.


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Always follow the money.

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Correction... I think... "inexplicable 40% increase in mortalities in 2022" should be 2021.

Here's the/an original article...


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""Additionally, they did something interesting," Dowd continued. "They did a reinsurance deal for a high face amount individual policies, at what looked like very bad economics for them. On the conference call a Southside analyst was very confused. He said, 'Why would you do this deal?'

"I can speculate why they did this deal. This deal looks bad now, but a year or two from now it may look like a genius move. And they actually think there's going to be 300,000 excess deaths due to — they call it 'Covid and indirect Covid,' whatever that means — in the U.S. in 2022. So they actually raised their expectations for mortality in the U.S. during the conference call."

Someone please help me out: why would this be a genius move if these are high dollar individual policies for people who may die soon...?

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"Trust The Science": One Of The Most Respected Medical Journals Criticised Moderna mRNA Research For Being Secretive.

Multi-Million dollar funding replaces the need for scientific verification and a peer-review process


Pfizer Documents Show FDA Knew of Death Risk


Premeditated Genocide by the Medical Drug Cartel


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Every article I've read in the past month or two, not just this one, that talked about an increase in deaths related to covid injections have left out what to me is an important piece of information. That is, what is the increase in terms of raw numbers?

This article, for example, says mortality is projected to increase by 300,000. OK, sounds bad, and it certainly is, but what are the raw numbers?

Why is this statistic not showing up in these articles?

The reader had to do the math. OK, I'll do it with 7th or 8th grade Algebra. What we are being told is that 300,000 more people than usual are going to die, and that equates to a 40% increase.

So, we can say:

X + 300,000 = X(1.4)

Where X is the number of deaths in a normal year.

Then, we can ask:

300,000 is 40% of what, or:

300,000 = .4X

Solving for X in this last equation we get 750,000 as the number of deaths in a normal year. We can then plug the 750,000 into the first equation, substituting 750,000 for X, proving we are correct as both sides of the equation are equal.

I don't know, it just seems logical to state somewhere in these types of articles that the deaths are expected to increase from 750,000 to 1,050,000.

And, as important to me, what percentage is this 300,000 deaths as it relates to the number of idiots that got injected in this age range? We aren't even being told how many got injected so I can't figure the percentage out.

But, the focus on the 40% statistic is what these articles go with. Why? Well, this 40% is the highest percentage to be found when working with these numbers, that's why. So, it attracts more readers, or clicks. But, this 40% percentage doesn't provide the total picture at all.

I like to be told the complete picture, instead of having to figure it all out on my own. I suspect most people don't take the time to do the math and so can't really grasp what is going on.

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You broke the story. Now it looks much worse when focusing on the milennial subset. Those who got the SH0T caused a spike to almost 80% increase in that group.

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They are releasing the information on claims. All policies, health and life exclude claims when the policyholder has used experimental drugs. Has anyone gotten information regarding payouts?

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The whole system is ROTTEN to the core...

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