I believe the vaccines and the manipulation of food supplies have been perpetrated for the very purpose of creating docile, sick slaves. Keep your slaves scared sick and poor and they will never revolt or leave the the plantation.

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ANOTHER FOOD FIRE https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/12/fire-breaks-saginaw-county-grain-elevator-fire-burn-another-week-latest-fire-food-processing-plant/

American Tragedy: Baby Boy Dies Of Massive Blood Clot After Hospital Refused Non-Vaxxed Blood Transfusion https://yournews.com/2022/12/15/2474964/american-tragedy-baby-boy-dies-of-massive-blood-clot-after/

FDA Study: COVID Vaccine Linked to Blood Clotting in Elderly


Both TX and AZ begged 48 other State governments to help police their borders by invoking the 50-State EMAC Compact. However, only a handful of Red States responded properly with resources. https://emacweb.org/

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Zombie apocalypse

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Thank you for discussing this! I noticed immediately over a year ago. I was so disturbed, I researched what therapeutic applications this tech had prior to the “vaccines”. Prior uses involved illnesses affecting the mind. I couldn’t believe that every country would sign on to the depopulation agenda, but what if the sales pitch was a more controllable populace? Just saying. I have noticed a more “flat affect” in personality, apathy, and inability to handle stress. Thank you again for validating for me! No one I have shared this with would acknowledge it.

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People don’t always notice their own behavior or changes in it. Feelings are sometimes more noticeable. Or you could notice stuff and then write it off as a mistake or just deny it. I.e., “I must be crazy”, or something like that. And others, like you, are simply more aware. But the more we talk about it, the more change in general will likely occur.

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I haven't noticed this docile action in the vaxxed except in 1 person. One of my daughters has noticed changes in at least 1 of her friends, who seems to lose her temper more often and sometimes seems a little disoriented. I do believe without a doubt that all mRNAs kill and sicken most recipients. There's a reason why the Chinese government, who developed the virus, released on the world, and now make the mRNA injections, do not allow it to be used in China. I think they know it's 1) not effective as a vaccine; and 2) it's lethal, plus can sicken recipients even if it doesn't kill them, And we have no idea what will happen to the vaxxed in the coming years.

Danny Huckabee

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I don’t have much to say on the subject except that I agree, definitely noticed the personality changes in the vaccinated people I know. There are (only five left). Four have died now of the people that had received it. Yes they do seem more docile.

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I see quite a few people saying this. I haven't noticed it, but I don't interact with large numbers of people who admit to being injected. It does seem to me that people I do know have been negatively affected by the last 3 years of psychological "torture" for lack of a better term and these are mostly those who are not injected. It would not surprise me, if the recipients of the shot are being damaged on a physiological not just psychological basis. The exact cause remains unknown since the vial contents are not completely disclosed or independently characterized/verified.

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Interesting observations, JD, but it may not be the jabs, but the masks. Over 2300 years ago, Arabs learned that covering the face dehumanizes us and makes us more docile and obedient.

The same people who rush out to get jabbed, are the same ones that wear masks, often solo, in their cars as they drive, LOL.

But, if it IS from the jabs, it certainly doesn't surprise me. SciFi has been written on making people docile-- voodoo powders, contractible diseases, alien fungus spores, and now Covid Vaccines that do not protect the patient, do not protect others, that kill people, all for profit.

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I have not noticed the docile behavior and the great majority of people I interact with are multi boosted. However, I do experience aggressive behavior when I merely suggest that the vaccines are not working (let alone harmful/fatal). Any attempt at a logical discussion ends up with “talk to the hand” and eye rolling (like I’m crazy old Maurice, from Beauty and the Beast). It maybe a combination of multiple boosts and an incredibly effect PysOps program in America.

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In my opinion, the aggressive behavior stems from an inability to deal with stress. When I asked why they had such a reaction, Ive been told that they feel attacked. Is it shame?

Maybe the rigid thinking referred to in JD’s post?

Its disturbing.

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It could be an inkling that something isn’t right about everything going on in the world in recent years, and ppl getting covid even after 3-4 jabs. So now that they are jabbed, they feel cognitive dissonance. Should they not get more jabs when MSM & Drs. constantly say they are safe and needed? Or should they give in too, I did something that prob damaged my body and shortened my life? So perhaps, that is why they are so touchy in addition to brain injury. Either way still leaves many UNANSWERED QUESTIONS, which, in and of itself, is quite maddening!!!

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I've noticed more anger over stupid things, like 'you forgot my pickle, on my burger' followed by violent attacks on the server or counter person. Which can turn deadly. And no one steps in to help, too busy videoing it for Tixtock uploads. Now that is a taught behavior.

JD, I'm 74 and a small female, who is hearing impaired, so I'm not out much. But I see this crap going on daily on the local Memphis news. For the most part, people just stand in long lines at self-checkouts, and 1 store cashier and grumble about it, but not violently. Even when Chick-fil-A reopened the dining room people who once were angry about the LONG DRIVE THRU LINE WAIT, still use it, there are no honking horns. That is NOT NORMAL BEHAVIOR, it's learned, trained monkies.

Then you have those who turned violent, smash and grab. Liquor or illicit drug-fueled. Carjackings can be added to that.

I lived through the Cabbage Patch craze violence, thank God I had all boys.

Nightly news covers Memphis, AR, MS, and their connecting counties, with young people killing any age, or a parent killing their child or children. The population is mostly black. No remorse. Illicit drug-fueled? Press in people's faces for comment, on the incident, having not witnessed it even. GET RID OF GUNS COMMENTS. More training to push through GUN CONTROL. Violating the 2nd Amendment.

I fear going into Memphis even armed. I am the mother of a Murdered child, who served 8.5 yrs out of a 20-year plea deal.

I'm unjabbed, never had covid. Never trusted them, the 2 flu shots I had gave me bad cases of the flu, never had the flu otherwise.

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I know it sounds contradictory, but both behaviors are Trained ones. Most blacks didn't get jabs, but the violence in their Soft on Crime cities is out of control, Defund the Police types have officers scared, so they do little to control drugs or crimes, counter to state law. It is different in rural areas.

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Very interesting topic, one that has not been discussed at length before… I agree, I definitely see a change in the vaxxed, it’s also something about their face that looks different to me. We liken it to zombies. Perhaps that was the “vaccines “ original intent. After all this seems to be a control game…

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I agree with that. I think we have really been had.

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You could be right. People generally get really angry when they know they’re wrong but, can’t admit it.

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And they think by mentioning anything negative about the jabs (when you know they are jabbed) resonates as you doing an ONE-UP on them which no one ever likes that and responds back as if defending their dignity and pride!

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I have not seen or noticed this.

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Could the shots combined with government handouts colluded to rob many folks of their work ethic? I hear it all the time from business managers: “…if we could find anyone who wants to work.”

More shoving us towards UBI and CBDCs.

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Well, farfetched as it seems, personality changes might be part of the agenda.

For over a decade, edgy 'progressives' have been slyly tossing out speculative articles about the possible advantages of a "morality pill" that would get dissidents to sweeten up and do what they're told. In this case, "morality" is obviously for the powers-that-be to define.

As far as a "pill" that could do this, it's not sci-fi. Lists of candidate drugs have appeared as early as 2011, including "the anti-depressant citalopram and the anti-anxiety drug lorazepam, [which] also affect specific brain chemicals involved in moral judgments." (Slate, Mar. 2017)

And yes, the suggestion was applied to the mRNA experimental-jab refusers by a philosophy professor named Parker Crutchfield, whose views got exposure in The Conversation (Aug. 2020).

In his words:

"My research in bioethics focuses on questions like how to induce those who are noncooperative to get on board with doing what’s best for the public good. To me, it seems the problem of coronavirus defectors [sic] could be solved by moral enhancement: like receiving a vaccine to beef up your immune system, people could take a substance to boost their cooperative, pro-social behavior....

"I believe society may be better off, both in the short term as well as the long, by boosting not the body’s ability to fight off disease but the brain’s ability to cooperate with others."

His most controversial idea was masked by attributing it to others: "As some have argued, a solution would be to make moral enhancement compulsory or administer it secretly, perhaps via the water supply."

But he was being coy -- In 2018, Crutchfield himself had published a paper in Bioethics entitled, "Compulsory moral bioenhancement should be covert."

Weirdly, Forbes responded to Crutchfield's proposal (they were against it), and social media piled onto them as though the "morality pill" was THEIR idea... resulting in an official disclaimer article by Forbes author Paul Hsieh, and the Reuters 'fact checkers' publishing a detailed rebuke to those who had "misinterpreted" the Forbes piece.

The Conversation, as well as Crutchfield, seemingly scooted under the Forbes fact-checking radar altogether.

More weirdly, PolitiFact acknowledged Crutchfield's paper, but only for the purpose of proving that the idea didn't originate (as some over-zealous activist had claimed) with Anthony Fauci's wife, NIH bioethicist Christine Grady. That claim was rated "pants on fire". Crutchfield's creepy idea? No comment.

In short, the motive, the means and the opportunity all came together for these criminals in 2021.

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Dec 24, 2022·edited Dec 24, 2022

True or not idk, seems like a bridge too far. There are enough conspiracies that have been proven I’m confused why we need more. Absolutely nothing is changing despite proven Jab side effects, collusion to silence and misdirect in order to vaccinate even children. The vast majority of people disengaged their brain despite evidence children were not at risk and that the vaccines were dangerous in and of themselves yet they took their children and had them vaccinated anyway. Then there was hostility towards any unvaccinated person that would have made forced incarceration, vaccination, reeducation and parental rights terminated had not the epidemic itself ebbed. It was going to happen and the vast majority wanted it. Nobody really walked that back, the populace trampled individual Liberty and threw moral behavior under the bus. Are they ashamed and now don’t want to get involved, is that the docility noticed in the article? Idk but seems to me all that ground has been scorched and if it starts up again it will start right where it left off and that is very very bad indeed. It is not just this topic either, Biden outright lied about corruption before the election and at the midterms nobody punished him as he went on about Democracy. It was clear he wasn’t worried, it was clear the press didn’t care. Now we have proven collusion at the DOJ, FBI and all intelligence services but there is no outcry for action, we just accept it and move on. Does anyone care about Drug overdoses via Fentanyl or the border being ignored?

I highly doubt it was the injections that caused this. Perhaps people really don’t care about anything anymore. “Come and take it” means nothing, it’s just a slogan and come Jan 1st you will see many abuses against the Constitution of the bill of Rights. The people will do nothing. Those orchestrating it have won and that’s why some 12 congressmen and 9 Senators all Republicans voted to steal any possibility a Republican House has to stop any of it. Their leaders voted to backstab the base and they were overwhelmingly re-elected. Should McCarthy fail (red meat) Scalise the “whip” who can’t whip his own party to vote like Democrats do has the blessing of the Republican Party. Do you think anything will change? Are we that stupid? Yes, we are.

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Its a small dataset, but two jabbees close to me seem to have lower emotional control and easier anger. So is the jab kinda like the secret mind numbing gas in the movie Serenity, making most of the population so docile that they died from no desire, and a small number became Reavers?

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