If so many scream violation over presenting an ID to vote, doesn’t giving up your fingerprint to vote even worse? I think it’s time for a nationwide ban of any electronic machines being involved in our elections. We need to go back to paper ballets. In person voting. With ID to make sure you are a verified US citizen. And make ballot counting a public service duty like jury duty, as well as election judging. Enough of the cheating that we have allowed to continue in this country.

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Perfect solution, but the lunatics and cheats will never allow. In a perfect world this would be done with all approving, but the corrupt can’t allow us peasants to actually vote our choice.

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Agree 100%.

But also, Ms. Ruth is 100% correct.

Actually, voter id and paper ballots would remove 99.9% of the problems, however, the Dems/leftists will fight until their last man/woman/it to not allow honesty in elections because the dishonesty allowed serves them.

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Exactly. But if you did that, the demorats would not be able to rig the systems anymore!

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The depth of corruption is so deep and tangled but always seems to involve the CIA at some point in their web of deception. If one journalist can track this obvious scheme, why are so many countries not able to do the same. Well I guess it’s obvious, they are all aware of the deceit, deception, and corruption and as long as they get their selected candidate and share of the 💰then eyes, ears, and tongues are kept closed.

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Actually, yesterday many comments on another website indicate that many countries are apparently opening their eyes to some of our crimes and past bullying. Notably, BRICS is growing as part of the current renaissance with 19 new nations requesting admittance. I only hope enough voters wake up in November of 2024 and vote our current criminals out of office. IF they do not, probably even more nations will tire of our gov bullying and war-making and vote to join BRICS. Once too many nations do that, we will be third world status for a very long time. Many nations recognize the gutter class caliber of President we presently have and shake their heads at our foolishness.

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China is behind this and our corrupt president puppet with Obama as his master is doing his part to dismantle our nation.

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2005 Carter-Baker report on voting. 7 recommendations.

1)Voter IDs

2) Mail in and absentee voter risks, “Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.”

3) Avoiding Duplicate Registration Across State Lines

4) Election Observers for Integrity

5) Reliable Voting Machines

6) Media Calling Elections- "News organizations should voluntarily refrain from projecting any presidential election results in any state until all of the polls have closed in the 48 contiguous states,” the report states. “News organizations should voluntarily agree to delay the release of any exit-poll data until the election has been decided.”

7) Prosecuting Voter Fraud

Apparently disregarding all of them.

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BM Plans To Replace Nearly 8,000 Jobs With AI — These Jobs Are First to Go


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Interesting point.

Once AI start replacing big tech programmers maybe the fools will realize albeit too late the harm they have committed. It is notable that MS and Bing really push their AI feature. Best to use other markets for search engines and email. Runbox, Protonmail, Swisscows, it's a growing field thankfully. I would walk a mile to avoid Google and Fakebook and its biproducts.

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Smartmatic is controlled By Lord Mark Malloch Brown.Brown who is a British Lord in Parliament

& a member of The British Privy Council. He is also a Lieutenant of George Soro's & runs Soro's Open Society Foundation & both are more crooked than a corkscrew!

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JD, I love you man, but this is the biggest word salad article ever. You sure you didn't hit the "Randomize" button before submitting it?

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It is a little difficult

to follow. I need to re-read and give it my undivided attention.

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Note that Patrick Byrne is a long-time member and financial supporter of the liberal-fascist Council on Foreign Relations (CFR): cfr.org/general-john-w-vessey-chair-conflict-prevention

Most of the CIA directors from Dulles to Burns, including Robert Gates, have been CFR members. Chevron is a CFR "founding sponsor": cfr.org/membership/corporate-members

CFR members on the successfully installed "Biden team" include the secretaries of State, Treasury, Defense, Commerce, and 'Homeland Security'. Also the CIA director, Fed chairman, and dozens of deputies, advisors, ambassadors, etc. The CFR also controls the media: swprs.org/the-american-empire-and-its-media/

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This is Vegan that wants to force meat and cheese out of your diet. Soft on Crime too.

Eric Adams Resorts to Sending Illegal Migrants to Suburbs As City Is Plagued By Biden's Border Crisis

As several illegal migrants land in New York City, Adams has decided to ship them from the “sanctuary city” to a hotel in the suburbs of Rockland County.

On Friday, the Democratic mayor announced that his office is preparing to temporarily house the migrants at two hotels in Orange Lake and Orangeburg for at least 300 single-adult men seeking asylum.

The crisis has cost New York City roughly $4 million a day as Biden continues to ignore the downfall of the southern border.


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