Great observation JD.

We collectively are idiots and deserve this on some level.

It is maddening to see the masses...flock like moths to a flame - every time something "new, shiny, innovative" - is rolled out for the slobbering collective.

The AI chats are a perfect example..."oh how fun to make the stupid AI bot, spit out crazy answers or ones that prove they are just toys at best and not smarter than us..."

No one ever learns...everything they do, especially in tech, builds on itself and is a smaller component of a larger process and plan. If I wanted to quickly map and clock the general patterns, content and trends of modern human thinking, with little to no effort- so AI in totality would have a repository for phases 4, 5 & 6 - I'd have created several versions of those chatbots, then sat back and watched all the metadata be furnished by my targets for free.

It would be like not only getting the Jewish prisoners to build the gas chambers, but getting them to manufacture the Zyklon B as well.

The dependency is quickly going to become apparent - and for those who think that's a crazy idea or "it'll never happen" - take a hammer and smash your cell phone (smart or analog) and then tell me how crazy the idea of dependency is.

We are so damn shortsighted and weak minded, that we have allowed these people to make these "things" critically needed in our daily lives.

Yes progress is a wonderful thing, but it's also enslavement - we willingly turn a blind eye to.

I'm sure there were many warnings, like JD's, of dependence and enslavement - when the CIA and nation state, rolled out social media. However people flocked to it, by the millions and today, if you found a way to ban it and destroy it - there would be world wide cases of panic, depression, mental problems and suicide.

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, so if this doesn't apply to you, let it roll of your backs. However, if it does on some level, remember - every toy and convenience they give you comes with a price and strings attached. They'll show you the price, but have figured out how to hide the strings or worse yet - have gotten you to accept them, so you can have the shiny object...that makes you a slave...but it's so shiny.

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First of all, the name "Artificial Intelligence" is incorrect to the point of being a farce. Nobody knows what intelligence is (look up "the hard problem" with the quotes), so consequently we have no definition for it. What we call "AI" would actually more accurately be called "learning programs". Such programs are no more a threat to humanity than computers were 50 years ago. You are correct in understanding that we will become dependent upon such systems, but this is no more threatening than our current dependence on ordinary computer apps, telephones, airplanes, or for that matter indoor plumbing. The real threat is that our learning programs will learn exclusively from the Internet, which is vastly polluted with propaganda. Unlike humans, learning programs are unable to learn from the real world, and so their world view is ENTIRELY dictated by whatever propaganda humans post online - propaganda that is already skewed to the point of absurdity. One need only query Google, along with Google's most-favored search result (Wikipedia) to understand how warped the opinions of learning programs will be. EXAMPLE: We have two highly outspoken young congresswomen in the two parties, both of whom go by their initials. Compare the Wikipedia entries for AOC (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alexandria_Ocasio-Cortez) vs. MTG (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marjorie_Taylor_Greene) to see how insanely warped the political "trainers" of learning programs are. That, in combination with the average dupe's trust in such systems, will be our undoing.

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I confess i really don’t understand it or how it works, but it sounds to me like the dependency will be not unlike dependency on cell phones, except on mega-steroids. I really want nothing to do w/ it but as you said, once society accepts & even embraces it, it could be inescapable. I feel the same about CBDC because won’t look beyond the “convenience” of it

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ai is a tool just like fire...it can be used to do good and glorify God but in the hands of rothschild synagogue of satan (wef, blackrock, ...) it will be used to shift blame just like romans crucifying Jesus and not the pharisees of the synagogue of satan

no new tricks from the satanists, just new forms

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I thank God that cellphones weren’t invented when I was younger and very carefree! Now people’s pasts are a forever record! Obviously this can work for good or bad.

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Reading the title, I was thinking of another threat that you didn't mention.

The biggest threat is "as in the days of Noah" where the pre-flood Homo sapien were being changed from God's creation to Lucifer's creation; thus, the flood to all but Noah and his family who were still "pure" Godly created.

The death-jab has been proven to be gene altering, thus changing, again, God's Homo sapien genius.

God didn't accept gene altering before the flood and probably will not accept for the second gene altering due to the death jabs.

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Will AI be weaponized against Humanity? Was mRNA technology weaponized? Was gain of function weaponized? Was our justice system weaponized? Have legitimate causes been weaponized? AI is by far the most dangerous technology to be weaponized. It also provides plausible deniability to Global Cabal, in their quest to enslave and depopulate.

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You might find my article on the subject of dependency interesting. I'm much more worried about the human-run corporations upon which we've already become totally dependent than I am about any so-called artificial "intelligence": Three Companies Now Run The World: https://daveziffer.substack.com/p/three-companies-now-run-the-world

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If you're like me, you think it's absolutely idiotic to play with viruses in the laboratory and SEE if you can make it more dangerous.

I think that pales in comparison to building A God Machine. I think it's Gonna see mankind as a threat. It was Created by man. Man desires to control it and if we can't, we will try to destroy it.

We Will Be

The Enemy

from day one.

Change my mind.

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Think about this for a minute.... God the Creator is all powerful, all knowing and all present. He’s able to supernaturally experience every single human’s perspective without the help of technology. Ai is truly the antithesis of God. Satan is unable to be all powerful, all knowing and all present, so He needs to manipulate society and physics through technology.... What do u think?

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Thank you for addressing this huge danger!

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I think AI fits in nicely with the WEF's plans for 90% extermination and returning what's left of humanity to a feudal system. AI won't replace human labor. There won't be too many humans left.

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Oh goodie! Let's do the dummy down dance- Who needs to think when we have AI to make decisions, write essays, etc? Next is Universal Basic Income. So, we can become even fatter , lazier and more drugged...yippee, what a great time to live. Or, die... you can "abort" a full term baby and accept "assisted suicide". Satan is alive and well- believe the lies. Thanks JD, comments, and community - so right on- a few voices of sanity left.

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AI eventually will control human and AI is the control by Nephilim! The “Tech Giants” name already gave way to the answer that is “Nephilim”

15 minutes city does connect to AI and they will round us up into that prisons and turn each everyone of us into reptilians! Those top elites in US already become one of them and their empires are huge!

Don’t be deceive by them! This is spiritual warfare between satan and God!

Do you think they really want to gather your data? Want to know what you eat what you do or what you buy? No! They want to create “A race within the race”

Satan wants his own empire using God’s creation that is us to turn his own species “reptilians” half beast half machine into his own kingdom of earth.

Don’t take my word, do some research on it. God bless

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CERN operates the Large Hadron Collider that collides the smallest particles that make-up our world. On impact, these subatomic particles spark additional particles that can only survive in our world for a few milliseconds.

They harness these particles by cold-packing them into chips. They use them in D-Wave quantum computers which store them at “space temperature” due to the particles unpredictability and extreme heat.

These subatomic particles operate through quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement is when two subatomic particles from the same atom are quantumly attached to each other no matter the distance of separation. They both can act independently and in unison at the same time.

D-Wave works with CERN. When they launch a collision, they actually evaluate the human population’s behavior - Without our knowledge and consent.

These quantum computers are massive and lined by the hundreds in warehouses in undisclosed locations.

These are the computers operating in the background and have been since 2018. They operate wirelessly for the internet-of-things and soon, the internet-of-bodies. 5G and 6G are what’s stretching this connection across the world. That’s why thousands of 5G towers were erected during lockdowns.

CERN has bragged about being able to open up “portals” and extract materials from other dimensions - even let things in. They claim it’s advancement in human technology. It’s the deadliest thing to our world. Not only are they altering the equilibrium of our realm, they will be bringing things - even beings - in. Sounds a lot like the bottomless pit…

CERN will be launching a huge collision in 2025-2026.

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Humans are famous for "how did that happen?" Thanks for another perspective.

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