100% agree. The United States Constitution says that elections will be held on one day. That State legislature’s control the elections. This country does not follow the Constitution on anything anymore. Both Parties are at fault. The Democrats are worse, but the Republicans are not much better. President Trump kept saying that you can’t go forward until you fix 2020. He was 100% right. There is no point in analyzing what the Republicans did wrong to lose this election. It was out & out, in your face corruption & theft. Anyone who can’t see it is either brainwashed or part of it. The million dollar question is what do we do about it?

Florida is the model of what the rest of the country should have looked like.

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Thank you for saying this!! I see exactly what you are seeing and it makes me sick to listen to all the excuses WHY the red wave did not happen. I will never watch Fox again. What’s up with Charlie Kirk. He was all over it when the Election Day voting was ending and the machines were failing in AZ. Like you said. Everyone has just accepted it! Feels like covid and clot shot scams all over again. Everyone should just put their masks on. Roll up their sleeves. Send the kiddies off for their transgender surgeries. Own nothing and like it!! Seems like that’s what everyone in this country wants. A bunch of weak sheep who want to be told what to do and think!!! Oh government!!! Please take care of me and tell me what to think!!!! Sickening!!

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What's so frightening is that the fraudsters aren't even trying to hide the fraud this time and yet the squishes in the GOP not only refuse to do anything about it but vilify anyone who does try to do something.

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AMEN. The silence on this issue is deafening. The Rs are just as guilty for the theft. I do not believe they wanted an R majority. They are just as happy to whine and cry how the Ds are destroying the country and no blame falls on them.

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I agree with you. Florida had the result we had because we have spent several elections clearing up potential areas of fraud and incompetence. Florida's result is what happens where there is a free and fair election.

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I am in #WA03 in Washington state, where the Democrat operatives are in the process of stealing the seat against Joe Kent for an Antifa supporter Marie Gluesenkamp Perez.

Since Wednesday, 11/9, and each day thereafter, Clark County WA (largest county in WA03), Greg Kimsey (auditor) has been processing ballots and giving exactly 50% to each candidate - Republican and Democrat in #WA03. Joe Kent continues to be behind by 5,000 votes each and every day since 11/9.

There are 6,500 'challenged' ballots in WA03 that need to be cured within one week. WA STATE is still counting votes, yet the mainstream fake news media has already called these races.

Makes me want to vomit.

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Thank you for expressing what many of us know to be true. This is in your face fraud---they put a senile, compromised traitor in the White House, and a brain damaged and never too bright man in the Senate, and get away with it. The pattern is that they don't campaign because they know they'll steal the election, and we conservatives just think wow, why aren't they campaigning? I guess Americans are that stupid. That might be one of the most painful realizations about all of this. We have become a pathetic, stupid people, that really doesn't deserve the blessings of freedom. We are experiencing the fruits of sin. God help us. Patriots---don't give up. Keep fighting and keep praying!

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The implications for the future are truly horrifying.

Policy is being set by those reeking of corruption.

This corruption influences every aspect of government. From policy setting, to taxation, to crime, to education, every aspect.


Remember this from January 2022?


"..the president of the United States of America stated, “It’s no longer about who gets to vote; it’s about making it harder to vote. It’s about who gets to count the vote and whether your vote counts at all."

Which mirrors the statement of a communist dictator in the 1950's “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” ― Joseph Stalin

The stench of "In your face" corruption and criminality that can only lead to poverty and violence.

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Every one of the comments I made this morning about my disbelief that our election was stolen again, you have corroborated with this piece !

Neither do I believe the Nevada election outcome was legitimate. Catherine Cortez Masto did not deserve that election either, as well as what happened in Colorado.

Every one of the critical states ballots need to recounted by hand with a non-partisan examiner on hand to verify the count. If the GOP cannot get those states to do that then we'll continue to believe that the DemonRats have stolen another one, and when our economy collapse those DemonRats will become targets regardless of whether they are politicians, Media outlets or just plain stupid DemonRat voters.

I wonder just how much the DemonRat expect us to take before we explode into angry retribution ??

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"The oppressed are allowed once every few years to decide which particular representatives of the oppressing class are to represent and repress them in parliament." Vladimir Lenin

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Ok. Well here’s my question. What can we do about it?

Laura Ingram had a very frank idea. Have President Trump, Ron DeSantis, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and all the other populist or so called populists show up in Georgia and do a campaign rally together for Hershel. I think it’s brilliant. Do you know why? Because it shows we are a United and that’s what the demonicdems do best. No one steps out of line. Ever. So, why wouldn’t that work? Why can’t they all show up in Arizona? Or Washington state, Oregon, Nevada and hell yeah even Alaska.

If we don’t show the American people they can trust the republicans to hold the line with big heavy hitters then we have lost it.

Then we fire Ronna! We get a new game plan and we clean up our voter roles and prepare for 2024 right now! Or we can kiss the Republican Party goodbye for good.

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The GOP did nothing to stop it the last 2 years!!!!!

Why didn’t red state governors get rid of all electronics and mail in ballots from the voting process!!!!!! Why didn’t DeSantis lead the way!!!!!

RNC head, and gop leaders in house and senate all need to resign!!!!! They are playing games to get rid of trump!!!!

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I walked in our town office to vote early and was asked my name and street address. The lady checked me off and gave me a ballot. I said don’t you want to. See my I.d.? She responded, no. You told me who you are and where you live. WTF!

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So, we can't win on the soapbox (corporate media monopoly), we can't win at the ballot box (cheating/stealing), so what do we do next? History shows only one way to stop this kind of tyranny. We all know what it is but are afraid to admit it out loud. I'm sick of sniveling soothsayers and pacifiers. Where are you, Patrick Henry? Where are you, George Washington?

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One Janus has two faces. The Chinese Globalist face has RINO and Democrat. Electoral fraud wins elections. JFK won with Chicago vote theft and Texas vote theft. Voters are there to provide a fig leaf for the theft of the USA by China. The problem is voters evidently accept disenfranchisement as a joke and think government is a joke and laugh out loud to think these authorities who hold power over their life do. The laughter is on a ship of fools.

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I'm sad to say that I've been saying this was coming for the past two years. During that time I was endlessly attacked by conservatives but telling them that relying on the election to turn things around. What part of the last election steal at the Presidential level that went unchecked did these people not grasp. Do they think the democrats once they get their hooks in are going to spontaneously going to go back to fair and honest elections. They had two years to smooth out some of the wrinkles.

Don't forget they have no fear of stealing the election because they already know they can file all the lawsuits they want because when it eventually lands in the Supreme Court it get's squashed dead. Do people really delude themselves into believing the Supreme Court isn't compromised by globalists. You have John Roberts who for some unknown reason gets elected to the court and immediately made Chief Justice? What is that about? Then you have his name appearing on a plane manifest to Jeffrey Epsteins "pedophile Island" and that shady adoption that didn't follow all of the proper channels. Someone has dirt on him. Don't forget he is the one who overstepped his position and helped Democrats save Obamacare. (separations of power?). Then he worked overtime to try to salvage Roe Vs Wade. He was also the leaker. Why do you think they never found the culprit. They know exactly who it is.

So why wouldn't the democrats cheat. They just have to avoid as best as possible not being caught literally in the act but they will bend and break the rules however it suits them because they know there will be accountability. And for those in denial that believe the few people getting caught and prosecuted is a sign they are cracking down. I have some swamp land in Florida to sell you. This is nothing but orchestrated theater. The Durham investigation, all of it. It's simply because they don't people getting so pissed they start to pay attention so they throw us bones.

It's not the democrats either. It's most of the republicans in collusion with the democrats. Yet we continue to fight between Trump and DeSantis while they are turning over sovereignty over to the WHO. C'mon people it's over. We sat back for the past 20 years and let the democrats put this Country right to the edge. There is no putting it back unfortunately.

We now have the Country we deserve and we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

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