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This Is How the Powers-That-Be Achieve Their Evil Goals: By Compromising Useful Idiots in Power

The thin line between fearmongering and ringing the righteous alarm bells is fading. If it's real, then we cannot be worried about being called a "Chicken Little."

The video by journalist Tayler Hansen of uniformed San Antonio Police officers working for Non-Government Organizations to facilitate human trafficking is one of the most important stories in a long time. Unfortunately, it will get zero coverage from corporate media which is why it is incumbent on American patriots to spread the word.

This isn't just about the law being broken or law enforcement being compromised. It isn't just about our sovereignty being stolen through the border invasion or the human toll being ignored as women and children are raped incessantly on their way to grab what Joe Biden promised them. All of that is important but there's a subtext here that must be understood.

Some Americans are waking up. I don't know if it's 0.1%, 1%, or 10%, but it's not nearly enough. The biggest obstacle to getting "normies" to appreciate that the powers-that-be are working against us is making them suspend disbelief in the scope of the conspiracy. Sadly, Americans have been trained to think "crazy" when they hear the word "conspiracy" but the reality is this: There ARE those conspiring against us.

Understanding that the scope is tremendous is a prerequisite for people to wake up to the reality of our situation. If they believe that most in power are simply greedy, then they'll miss the heart-wrenching truth that the people with the real power want us either completely under their control or dead. The depopulation and control agenda is happening around us and the biggest reason people fail to see it is because they cannot accept a scenario in which the Powers and Principalities really do have everything they need to make it happen.

Far too many assume that if really bad things are being done then someone will stop it. They cannot grasp a world in which corporate media is completely compromised. They cannot fathom a society in which any "good" politicians are removed and the handful with honor who are allowed to stay are neutered. They cannot accept that an army of unsuspecting useful idiots are helping to bring about their own demise.

The cops depicted in this video aren't thinking about the damage they're doing to their own community and their own nation. They see a sweet gig in which they get to sit around with no risks and make a lot of money. They probably get paid more to be NGO security guards than they do when they're actually putting their lives on the line for the sake of a citizenry that doesn't appreciate them.

To suspend disbelief in the systematic destruction of our nation requires Americans to realize just how much power is being wielded around us. They need to realize that it doesn't take a million globalists to subvert the foundations of our country. It takes a few thousand dedicated people in power plus a whole lot of useful idiots like these San Antonio cops.

Until more Americans understand this harsh reality, they will still be expecting someone else to save them. Until more Americans wake up, they will not be preparing themselves for the fight that's coming.

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