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Nikki Haley Is the UniParty Swamp's Champion and Must Be Stopped

Like it or not, we need a backup quarterback just in case the Deep State prevents Donald Trump from running. Nikki Haley ain't the one.

I support President Donald Trump for reelection. I'm not a sycophant by any means. In fact, I've been extremely critical of him on multiple fronts, most notably the lockdowns and Operation Warp Speed. But after comparing and contrasting him to other candidates, I believe he is still our best bet to sit in the Oval Office while we all try to save this nation.

If the Deep State wasn't so involved in trying to take out Trump through lawfare or other means, I wouldn't even be paying attention to what was happening with the other candidates. None of them have a chance of beating Trump in the primaries. But with the Deep State doing their thing and no way to know for sure if they'll succeed in preventing Trump from being the Republican nominee, we have to look at the other options to select our best "backup quarterback."

Ron DeSantis has been a decent governor and, unlike many Trump supporters, I can accept him as the nominee if the Deep State has their way. I don't trust Vivek Ramaswamy but I like many of the things he says so he would be my third choice. The rest aren't even a consideration and I would probably force myself to look at RFK Jr despite his many radical leftist policies, most notably for the economy. The way I see it, if we're going to be stuck with an awful president it might as well be someone who's going to expose the jabs.

Sadly, among "the rest" who I would never consider is the UniParty Swamp's anointed champion, Nikki Haley. She is quickly usurping DeSantis as the runner up with the help of Wall Street, corporate media, and the GOP Establishment. Having her as the nominee should the Deep State stop Trump would be an unmitigated disaster, as I explained on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show.

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