As a person who has studied the fall of civilizations for my own amusement, I can't see much hope for the US. We are in the classic slide to collapse and it would take a miraculous effort to turn it back. It hasn't happened in the past and I see no evidence of the political will in today's citizenry.

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You are correct. I hear much but see little action. The Texas AG has been neutralized for the moment; few are following his example to sue Biden's admin. We are not winning the info wars. The only answer is to obey Christ's great Commission. I have led about a dozen to Christ in the last year, but Barna Research says that only about 2% of all Christians have led anyone to Christ. Our downfall is the fault of the Church. Just think how good this country would be if, over our nation's history, only 50% of Christians had led just one person to Christ. Do it now because you soon will not be able to.

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The unfortunate reality is that the success of the American experiment, is very much an historical anomaly. We are simply reverting to the mean of typical human existence. Ride it out with patience and joy in your heart. For none of this is a surprise to the Lord.

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We (conservatives) are not winning. That is correct. But that does not mean we cannot win. The troubling thing is, what would winning actually look like? Meaning, what would need to actually happen for us to win? It seems to me the internal contradictions of the fascist oligarchy are reasonably likely to cause their best laid plans to collapse under the weight of absurdity. But admittedly, they can do a lot of damage before that happens. Better be prepared to ride out the storm.

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Pray hard and keep fighting and vise versa.

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We still have to fight and never give up. Even though the prospects are grim.

Danny Huckabee

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I agree with you. But, it's ashame that we have to file lawsuits to get anywhere. I don't hold much hope in the Courts, either. They are all compromised up to the Supreme Court. Just today,

GW Bush man SCJ Roberts and the SCJ scarry cat Kavanaugh went with the 3 Liberals. Now, do

you ever think for one minute that you would see the Liberals coming over to our side? NOT....

Look at the nonsense that the Gestapo DOJ is doing to President Trump. That's what they do

in Communist Countries. Now, I see Castro Trudeau is doing a trial run for the 2024 Election

with the wildfires he caused. Oh, reporting the air quality is BAD. People in NYC wearing

those worthless masks again. The Left will always make a production to make people slaves.

The same happened with COVID. There was a trial run. Then the Climate Lockdown will come.

Oh, JOE will come out and say that we have to revert to ballot boxes and vote by mail. Because,

the air quality is so bad. I'm sure by then we will have some smog or worse. Then Leftists

will have all those illegal aliens stuffing those ballot boxes with fake ballots. Then you

see what happened with McCarthy and the debt ceiling. What happened to the people that

held out and then choked to put McCarthy in as speaker? McCarthy is just another Paul Ryan.

He's controlled opposition to President Trump. Watch how this goes: Pelosi, Miss VP,

and McCarthy have something in common.....all from California. How did that happen?

Then Jim Jordan who is a member of the Freedom Caucus voted with McCarthy. I'm with

everything you said JD. I'm not kidding myself. GOD help us and PRAY +

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You're right JD...I have been sending some bucks to America First Legal in DC headed up by Stephen Miller....they're doing a good job and getting a lot of wins...they just went after Target although I think it was a demand for documents on behalf of a shareholder.....I suggest everyone look into AFL and support them if you can.....and suggest to them areas where you think they are needed and see if they can help.........it does require a lot of work and a lot of financial support to take these things to court and possibly the Supreme Court

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Bingo............If every person filed a federal suit pro se....the forms are available at the local district court website, the changes would happen almost immediately, but most people are too busy causing a ruckus, throwing tantrums like children, and whining. Class actions are your friend. Imagine 50k civil suits? Even 50 thousand letters to the Chief Judge of the District would do wonders. Hand written letters are your friend. There is no need for violence. Ever. We cannot lose. Why? Because they can only touch "this world's life." The hereafter belongs to All Mighty God. I'm winning! They are losing. They are making a straight way for hell, with jets! Keep your head up!

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We can't win because this agenda is being driven at a level above that of our puppet managerial governments. Those that created a Plato's Cave for us with the creation of the federal reserve and central banks, and initially used world wars are changing the illusions on the walls that socially engeneer us towards their global government. They play a very long game, they have us trapped in pseudo-reality built on propaganda nad endless psyops, they are hidden from and by the media controlled fake narrative the public is fed daily, they are immensely powerful and control our "governments" and "elections" - this is what they mean when they refer to the shell game that is "our democracy". Global technocratic totalitarianism wearing a woke/democratic skin suit.

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Jun 8, 2023·edited Jun 8, 2023

The sane are not loud, yes. But many people know these questions are insane.the angry unhappy peoples voices are echoed by the media. The media brainwashing is paid for by billionaire’s agenda. The media does not represent reality. In war. We will all suffer. Our systems have been hijacked by billionaires who want to control the worlds resources, they planted saboteurs as distractions To accomplish their control. Disillusion will eventually happen and purposeful madness will try to cover. Glenn beck podcast had a well spoken gay writer historian who expressed that these minority group being used may at some point if don’t distance themselves from the current children agenda result in a similar cultural setback that women are now experiencing in our culture. Great article. Thanks

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I’ve been saying for years until the Left pays for its thuggery, it will continue.

They will promise anything. That’s no skin off their nose. But behavior won’t change until they connect it with a cost.

At your service in Christ . . .


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Total agreement

Too bad you don’t live in Minnesota, we could go fishing together some day and talk about the trifecta of the left ruling Minnesota with an iron fist

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We are losing because people don't understand the root of the problem:

Pllllleeeeease, on my knees, don’t believe me, just do your own homework by searching the following in duckduckgo.com or presearch.com.

Your life depends on it, because there's a plan to murder 95% of the global population:

- Both Churchill and Roosevelt were masons and plotted to get the reluctant USA into the war by provoking the Japs and letting Pearl Harbor (left the whole fleet defenseless and concentrated there as an easy candy to be taken from a kid, no radar warning from outer islands, etc.)

- 9-11: 2 "planes", yet all 7 World Trade Center towers destroyed, not the closer towers not belonging to World Trade Center, and the owner with his 2 grown up siblings failed to show up for work (never skipped work before)...

- J6: The fake riot was mason-planned, incited and guided by FBI agents, who broke into the Capitol !!!


It's such a mason manual that they organized the same play in Brazil when it was proven that the voting machines owned by mason Soros, were rigged:



- At least since the 90s, vaccines were weaponized to reduce the population, for example:

1. Adding hCG to infertilize women: lab detected in 30 countries

2. Overpassing the FDA 10 ng limit to human DNA “contamination” by 2000%, thus causing neuro-damage (autism, asperger, tics, dyslexia in 29% of kids, etc.) and childhood cancer epidemic (n.b. leukemia, non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas)

Check soundchoice.org or videos at bottom after this page:


- COVID was designed as a primer for lethal COVID haccines:




- Wake up videos:


- It's genocide for depopulation:


- It’s the masons, who create counterfeited currencies (trillions of dollars and EUROS) and bought the listed corporations, media, healthcare, universities, parties and political careers:


ex-illuminati Ronald Bernard's confessions:


Now, are you really ready for this?:

The full PLAN exposed:


16 laws we need to exit Prison Planet

Politics got us in, politics is the way out ... after prayers!


PS I'm sorry I'm linking to my own substack. It’s not self-promotion: I couldn’t find better links but if you find anything better, I'd be glad to replace.

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A large part of the reason we are generally not winning is that we do not control the news cycle. The deep swamp (government, big tech, mainstream media) control the news cycle. As soon as it seems we are making headway on a particular issue, it disappears from sight (rather it is replaced by another issue). Or we are confronted by another cause, spreading out the ranks. We cannot win when we spend a month on an issue then abandon it. There is no instant gratification, there are no quick wins. We keep getting played like a cheap fiddle by the other side, but we never seem to wise up. You can't win the war when you keep jumping from battle to battle.

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I said for years that the Left is winning, and will continue to win. Sometimes, I hate it when I am right.

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