Sitemap - 2020 - America First Report

'Cuties' is so blatantly perverse, even 4chan censored screenshots from the movie

With vaccine popularity slim, will leftist politicians try to force citizens to take it?

Food Lion sides with America, Detroit federal judge sides with Antifa

School assignment equates law enforcement to KKK and slave owners

Destroying mainstream media's 'pragmatic moderate' narrative about Kamala Harris

Why are there no counter-protesting patriots in Portland, Seattle, elsewhere?

Strong majority of parents want schools reopened in the fall

Dear Gavin Newsom: Religious freedom at church or through in-home Bible study is essential

Brian Kemp's non-mandate mask recommendation is logical, safe, and constitutional

Cuban-American CEO Maximo Alvarez gives incredible praise to Trump, America

Coronavirus 'surge' in Florida yields 3 deaths per 10,000 case for people under 34

Fascist Fauci makes political decision, not practical or medical ones

3 lies being told by the left about the St Louis defenders of their private property

Gov. Jay Inslee invokes 1st Amendment to defy his own face mask mandate. We should, too.

If you want celebrities and sports stars to stop virtue signaling, stop supporting them

We must not allow a second round of coronavirus lockdowns to materialize

#ComeToTheDuckSide: Dump Google and start searching with DuckDuckGo

These riots eliminate any doubt the radical left hates America

End the riots. End the lockdown. Let America heal.

'Experts' call for 300,000 contact tracers to act as 'interrogator, therapist and nurse'