Mar 31, 2022 • 18M

Why Now More Than Ever Is the Time to Rid Ourselves of RINOs

In past elections, many Republican voters were conned into thinking the only way to beat Democrats was with milquetoast centrists. In 2022, that argument cannot be allowed to prevail.

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JD Rucker
There are plenty of shows out there that claim to be "conservative" or "Republican," but many of them are just RINOs, Neo-Cons, and swamp dwellers playing for attention from the GOP Establishment. This show is for America-First patriots only.
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Allow me to be blunt. The GOP is a mess. The only reason the dysfunction of the Republican Party is not more prominently on display is because the Democrat Party is a raging dumpster fire. Now more than ever, we have an opportunity to put America-First constitutional conservatives on Capitol Hill. Will we?

I'm not going to insert my pessimism into this. Not now. I'll save that for after the primaries. We need to push forward with the primary election goal of nominating the best people to take on Democrats in November. That doesn't mean nominating the people who are necessarily most likely to win. Unless there is an inexplicable turnaround in the nation's fortunes, we could nominate a cute puppy as a Republican candidate and beat vulnerable Democrats. We can't nominate puppies and we shouldn't nominate RINOs. We need to nominate the best possible representatives of freedom.

In the past, pragmatic Republicans have fallen for the sales pitch by the GOP Establishment that we need "common sense" centrists to be the milquetoast nominees, especially in Senate races. Conservatives have traditionally had an easier time securing House nominations, but even that has shifted in the wrong direction over the last two elections. That argument is moot. According to Just The News:

Voters trust the GOP significantly more than the Democratic Party on the handling of such key midterm issues as inflation and the over health of the economy, according to a new Morning Consult survey. The survey found 46% of voters trust Republicans to handle the record-level inflation, compared to 32% for Democrats. Roughly 22% said they were unsure or had no opinion.

Voters also favored Republicans to handle national security and the economy by double-digit margins. The GOP earned the trust of 48% of those polled on national security, compared to 35% of Democrats, and 47% said they trusted Republicans with the economy, compared to 36% of Democrats.

Voters also favor Republicans on such issues as immigration, Second Amendment issues and jobs. Independents, in particular, favor Republicans on economic issues – including by a 23 point margin on inflation. The survey was conducted March 25-27 among 2,006 registered U.S. voters with a margin of error of 2 percentage points.

It's not just the DC races where we need to get the RINOs out. As I've argued for years, state, county, and city races are even more important when it comes to direct influence over our lives. It always amazed me that people get so riled up over DC races when it's the state and local politicians who actually make more of an impact for us.

In those races, the appetite for staunch conservatives with bold ideas is even higher than at the national level. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has blazed a trail that Republican voters may have forgot even existed. He has opposed the Biden regime at every turn. Meanwhile, he has refused to pander to the woke crowd or attempt to usher in bipartisanship in his state. He believes what he believes and his actions echo those beliefs.

And it's working. According to Townhall:

A lot can change over the course seven-plus months -- and Republicans would be foolish to count any chickens, etc. -- but in light of the growing and historically-unprecedented voter registration advantage the Florida GOP is building, and new statewide polling, one wonders if my hypothetically-stated six-point 'blowout' margin might represent DeSantis' floor in 2022:

In this survey (which has President Biden with a very generous 49 percent approval rating in Florida), DeSantis' job approval is 59 percent, higher than either GOP Senator (though both are also above 50 percent).  By a 22-point margin, Floridians approve of the governor's endlessly-attacked handling of the pandemic, which has been his signature leadership issue.  I don't believe for a second that DeSantis will win in November by anything close to 16-to-24 points.  It's still Florida.  Democrats will 'come home.'  But if the governor pulls in a share of the vote that's closer to his approval rating, a victory in the high single digits -- or perhaps cracking double digits, if everything breaks right -- seems well within the realm of possibility.  And as of right now, things do appear to be generally breaking bad for the Democrats:

Now, before anyone gets excited or even complacent, let's not forget a couple of important facts. First, these are polls in March, a full eight months before the election. Second, we can never take anything for granted with the massive voter fraud program Democrats have put into place.

As Joe Biden himself once said:

"We put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics."

Democrats are panicking. That means they're desperate. A desperate Democrat is willing to do whatever they can possibly muster in order to maintain power. It would be extremely idiotic to think that this is in the bag. But here's the thing. Even if a GOP majority is inevitable, is it really any better than a Democrat majority if the RINOs are running it?

I, for one, do not want Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy leading the party at this (or any) moment in American history. They are corrupt and horrible politicians who are only marginally better than Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. If there was ever a time when we could nominate strong conservatives who will either keep McConnell and McCarthy honest or even help to block them from leading their caucuses, now is that time.

Voters need to do their research. Don't listen to what the RNC, RSCC, or RCCC say in their fundraiser emails. Don't listen to what Fox News or Washington Examiner tell us about the various candidates vying for Republican nominations. And DEFINITELY don't listen to the polls. Find the best possible candidate for every election you can vote in and support that candidate.

Spread the word. Go on the offensive. Eject the RINOs in the primaries and let's push America First patriots to victory in November. Arguments in the past that conned Republicans into nominating people like John McCain and Mitt Romney for president are no longer valid (not that they were really valid back then). We don't need to find centrists. We need to nominate staunch conservatives who will do what's right for America, people who will push back against RINO legislation. Otherwise, we're just going to get a slight improvement over the disaster that's unfolding on Capitol Hill today.

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