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The REAL Story Behind the Konnech CEO Arrest and the NY Times' "Embarrassing" Article

The REAL Story Behind the Konnech CEO Arrest and the NY Times' "Embarrassing" Article

A whole lot of people are pointing at the NY Times for their article the day before. It's understandable but it was not an accident. They fell on their sword to keep us looking in the wrong direction.

One of the keys to discernment is to question everything. And by everything, I mean we shouldn't just question what happens but why it happens in the first place. Those of us who know there is a cabal of globalist elites and their numerous proxies who are trying to destroy America and take over the world are often the ones who need discernment the most. We're good at getting on the right track but we can be easily made to miss the real point.

Such is the case of Konnech, the tiny election logistics company out of Michigan. Their CEO, Eugene Yu, was arrested Tuesday for storing sensitive personal data of around two million election workers on servers housed in China. This was, of course, big news because it partially confirms what many have been saying for a long time. More on those details later, but I want to talk about the wrinkle in the story first.

Just a day before the arrest, the NY Times posted an article attempting to debunk claims that Konnech and their CEO were storing confidential data in China. Conservative media pounced on the story, as we are wont to do, because it was a total embarrassment for the leftist news outlet. It's standard operating procedure for conservative journalists to "own the leftists" whenever they make such embarrassing mistakes. Conservatives on social media were virtually chuckling, offering each other high five emojis.

In reality, we were conned once again.

I'm discussing all of this on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show. Here's what really went down. The arrest was made on orders of LA District Attorney George Gascon, an embattled disciple of George Soros. While nearly every conservative and alternative media outlet out there howled in delight that not only was a massive voter fraud conspiracy theory partially confirmed, but that the NY Times owned itself by publishing a "debunking" story the day before. "What a crazy, awesome, inexplicable turn of events," one conservative journalist noted in her article on the subject.

As I noted in the beginning, conservatives in media desperately need discernment. The powers-that-be know how to manipulate us. They can practically write our headlines for us through their selective leaks and perfect coordination between corporate media, the Deep State, and other proxies of the globalist elite cabal. The timing of the NY Times story was not fortuitous. It does not benefit conservatives or America one bit. It served two very important purposes. And yes, it was dropped exactly when it was supposed to be dropped and said exactly what it was supposed to say based on orders from the Cabal.

The first purpose was to get ahead of the arrest that the NY Times knew was coming. We have to remember how the vast majority of Americans, even many conservatives, operate. Once a piece of "news" is relayed into their minds, it's hard to convince them of anything other than the original narrative. The notion that Konnech and their CEO were involved in a massive voter fraud scheme by working with the Chinese Communist Party was declared a "conspiracy theory."

If recent history has taught us anything, it's that this huge story about potential election manipulation will be swept under the rug by corporate media. But it's worse than just corporate media ignoring it. The NY Times story planted the seed that not only is Konnech's involvement just a conspiracy theory, but that "election deniers" like True the Vote are somehow dangerous. That's going to be the takeaway from many who even hear about the story at all. Unfortunately, not many Americans will.

The second purpose is more important. Like I said, conservatives in media are easy to manipulate. This is a perfect example of the Cabal switching the focus of those of us who are trying to pay attention. Go to your favorite conservative news outlet and search for Konnech. You'll probably find two stories. One will be about the arrest. The other will be about the NY Times and their "humiliating" story the day before. Both stories are important to conservatives because one deals with voter fraud and other deals with corporate media. But just because they're both important to us doesn't mean they're both important in the grand scheme of things.

Konnech stored personal data for the most important people during any election: Poll workers. We've seen how much power they can have in close elections. We all saw videos from the 2020 election when poll workers were counting, double-counting, and triple-counting ballots. We saw videos of them bringing out boxes hidden under tables after media was told to leave. Controlling those who are counting the vote is the easiest path to stealing an election, and these people had their personal data housed by a company affiliated with the Chinese Communist Party.

That's the story. Unfortunately, around half of the conservatives who would have learned more about it are busy with their high five emojis because of the ludicrous and "embarrassing" article in the NY Times the day before. We are being distracted from a big story with a completely irrelevant one. For many if not most conservative readers, the "fun" story about the NY Times is getting shared more than the bombshell arrest that happened.

It's not a coincidence that the story came out the day before the arrest. Keep in mind, this story wasn't breaking. The events the NY Times highlighted happened in August. Yet there will be those who tell me I sound crazy when I say it was coordinated. To those people, I'll remind them to look at the facts. A story hit mockingbird media the day before a Soros-backed District Attorney arrested a CEO of a company that is accused of housing personal poll worker data in Communist China. As a result, more attention is being paid to the NY Times than to the company that appears to be at the heart of the voter fraud that stole the 2020 election.

Sure, that's all just a coincidence.

We desperately need more discernment in conservative, alternative, and Christian media, which is why we are launching If you would like to help us, please consider a generous donation at GiveSendGo.

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